Young & Trendy Jewellery Designs To Include In Your Everyday Look!


If you have landed on this page looking for suggestions on everyday or office wear jewellery, you have come to the right place!

Jewellery is the perfect way to balance an outfit. Your look can go from looking underdressed to stylish by just adding that one piece of jewellery. When it comes to styling jewellery for an everyday look, bold chunky pieces can sometimes be too loud for an office look. So the option here is to pick designs that are minimal but yet, make a statement.

Dainty and minimal jewellery pieces are not only easy to accessories, but they are also lightweight and can be worn comfortably through long hours of work. These pieces go perfectly well with formals as well as a western casual outfit, or even with a simple kurta and jeans for that matter. And if you are someone who is a fan of minimal jewellery, getting a gold design would be a good investment and will last you forever.

What Trendy Gold Jewellery Should You Invest In?

  • Earrings: 

Although it is an obvious choice, having dainty gold earrings in your collection can be the best fashion accessory you can ever own. Plain gold hoops or classic diamond stud earrings are something that can go well with any outfit – ethnic or western. Pairing them with a simple chain and some stackable rings will complete your jewellery game. If you already own them, dangle or sui dhaga earrings are something you can consider adding to your list. They are dainty, minimal, and yes always in fashion! If you are planning to buy gold earrings online, then you must try the virtual try-on feature on Candere, to know how the earrings look on you before buying them.

  • Necklace:

No look is complete without a necklace! A delicate design that sits on your collar bone perfectly and flaunts your neckline, is perfect for daily wear. Usually when it comes to jewellery for office wear a chain necklace is preferred the most. You can go for a trendy evil eye necklace or for a small pendant necklace or even a personalised one – that has your name or initials on it. Instagram and Pinterest are filled with such pieces, you can choose a personalised jewellery design you like and get it customised from Candere in your favourite metal colour.

  • Rings:

These days stackable rings are in trend, and why not, they add a different charm to your fingers, don’t they? You can go for a stackable ring set or have fun and do a mix-match. Apart from that, there are solitaire rings that will surely upscale your look. And if you are not a fan of either of them, you can go for a ring band any day. They come in different metal colours with plain designs or studded with diamonds and gemstones. You can get one online and if you are not sure of your ring size, use the ring sizer feature on Candere.

  • Bracelets:

A fun way to accessories with jewellery is undoubtedly bracelets. You can go from tiny dainty ones to even chunky bracelets and stack them. If you are someone who wears a watch – the combination of stacked bracelets and a watch is so much classy. When it comes to bracelets, you can go for gold or rose gold or even a platinum one having diamonds studded on them. Candere offers a variety of minimal everyday bracelet designs that will make your colleagues go ‘Ooh! What is she wearing, I want that!’

Now that you know what fashion jewellery pieces you need, it is time to go get them! On Candere by Kalyan Jewellers, we have a variety of designs that are stylish and perfect for your office look. If you head now, you can avail exciting offers and discounts on your favourite pieces.

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