Five Winning Engagement Ring Designs


Wading through engagement ring designs, without a clue, can be a lengthy and time consuming affair. For this reason, we have put together five ‘winning’ engagement ring designs that will never fail to impress.

Each design offers something a little different, in terms of aesthetics, but are each, perfectly balanced designs, that will save hours of trawling through the internet weighing up the pros and cons of each individual design unearthed.

For each of the following, Platinum is always a good choice, when opting for a white metal, unless the ring is to work alongside existing white gold jewellery. Both 18ct Yellow Gold / Platinum combinations and 18ct Yellow Gold / White Gold combinations are also perfectly suited where Yellow Gold is a  preferred choice.

The Classic Modern Round Solitaire

R1D001 is a four claw round brilliant cut diamond solitaire design. This is a modern classic amongst perfectly balanced, and simple engagement ring designs. The ring itself lacks an underbezel, but has a substantial claw setting that allows plenty of light into the diamond from all sides. The ring is complemented by a substantial band, widening to nearly 3mm at the shoulders, before tapering to the setting, which sits perfectly alongside a plain wedding ring such as RWD001. For those scouring the internet for a true contemporary classic, this is it.


Simple Twist Engagement Ring

 Simple Twist Engagement Ring

Take a very simple four claw setting, with a modern open claw design, and introduce a very simple twist. Keep things extremely simple, with the diamond sitting not to high off the finger, and you have a perfect, simple, round brilliant cut solitaire engagement ring, with a small detail that separates it from the more generic ring designs. There are many variations, but R1D002 is a design that is perfectly evolved and certainly one that will be around for many years to come.


The Elegant Lucida Style Engagement Ring

 The Elegant Lucida Style Princess Cut Ring

This style defines itself amongst a plethora of Princess cut designs, now a very popular choice (alternative) to the classic round brilliant cut diamond ring. The small round claws, sit unobtrusively at each diamond corner, and flow seamlessly across each other, defining the ‘Lucida’ cross over style, which works with sheer elegance.


The Princess Cut with Diamond Shoulders

 The Princess Cut with Diamond Shoulders

R1D013 provides a perfectly balanced design, that incorporates very small, 1.5mm perfectly cut Princess cut diamonds in each channel set shoulder, to complement the larger central diamond. The larger the central diamond (0.50cts and above recommended) the greater the size difference and definition and impact that this captivating style has.


The Decadent Halo Cluster Ring

 The Decadent Halo Cluster

A triumph amongst embellished diamond set designs, that have modern styling with an overall ‘Vintage’ feel. R1D001S is striking, not only due to the encrusted outer diamonds, within the halo and shoulders, but due to the large central round brilliant cut diamond, that provides a focus for this very accomplished design. Diamond cluster rings have seen a re-emergence in recent years, with designs featuring a round solitaire as the centrepiece, replacing older and more traditional styles with equally sized diamonds around a more tiered traditional style. the expense of a single diamond.

Limiting choice, is something that can actually help, although in contradiction to this, our aim is always to provide a wide and extensive choice. Sometimes this is not the best thing, since as a child in a sweetshop, a wide choice can often blind you with overwhelming possibilities. We are not saying the above will be perfect for you, but we certainly think that each of the above are well received, popular designs.

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Mark attended Liverpool University and went on to pursue a career in the diamond industry. After more than a decade working in polished diamonds, Mark moved to the Isle of Wight where he launched Serendipity Diamonds. He works most days from their busy Ryde showroom, photographing jewellery and writing for the Serendipity Diamonds website.

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