The Elegance of the Marquise Diamond


Marquise diamonds do not readily leap into mind, when conjuring up an image of a typical engagement ring. Most people envision a round solitaire ring, classically set with the iconic Tiffany style setting. The many variations of diamond shape, combined with the wealth of setting styles available, create almost countless possibilities for engagement.

The Marquise brilliant cut diamond is one the more unusual diamond shapes that offers a side-step away from the more traditional round brilliant cut diamond. The origins of the Marquise brilliant span back to the reign of King Louis XIV of France and the fashioning of a diamond to match the shape of the Marquise de Pompadour’s mouth. By way of strict definition, the modern stone is a boat shaped modified brilliant cut. The most pleasing ratios take advantage of a length to width ratio of 1.85 :1 and 2.1 : 1 but personal preferences for the shape always prevail. Some prefer the lengthier models, whilst others prefer a shorter, fatter model of diamond. The elongated stones carry the weight of the diamond along the finger which is considered a benefit of this diamond shape – accentuating the length of the finger, and maximising the size of the diamond in relation to the weight of the stone.

Amongst the many designs available, the twist ring (as featured in our previous blog) is a very simple and effective design, incorporating four claws. Side claws are always a good idea to improve stability and to reduce the risk of each end claw being strained by pressure on the diamond at the mid point. Cleverly incorporated into the flowing design of the ring, the court profile band tapers to a finer width before weaving into the twist around the diamond. We offer the Marquise twist engagement ring set into most metals, including 18ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold, and Platinum. Very large sizes of diamond can also be accommodated but less regular proportions we tend to CAD design the ring specially for the stone. This ensures a perfect fit and best results every time.

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