Swapping Diamonds for Colour


Many of the engagement rings we tend to feature across the website (drawing special reference to more elaborate engagement rings such as fancy clusters) we sell with “all-diamond” combinations. It is however, a common misconception that these designs have to be set entirely with diamonds. Over the years, we receive a steady flow of bespoke commissions, that require not so much a unique design, but a personalisation. As the popularity of personalised jewellery continues to grow, more people are adding colour to their diamond ring choices, which combines the best of both worlds. ie. diamonds and coloured precious stones, providing a unique contrast and balance.

There is a wealth of variation amongst shades, and hardnesses, and optical qualities amongst fancy coloured gemstones, providing a sea of possibility when it comes to adding a truely unique flavour to a ring. Do beware of less hard gemstone choices that may not endure in the way that diamonds withstand lifetimes of wear. The scope that exists for coloured stones transcends the range on offer by way of coloured diamonds. You can experience the warmth of Red Garnet, the cool tranquility of Blue Topaz (such as the diamond and blue topaz engagement ring featured) and the calming rich colouration of an Amethyst set of by the sparkle of white diamonds.

All of our diamond clusters are available with coloured gemstones. Contact us for more information and a personal quotation to meet your requirements.

Mark Johnson

About Mark Johnson

Mark attended Liverpool University and went on to pursue a career in the diamond industry. After more than a decade working in polished diamonds, Mark moved to the Isle of Wight where he launched Serendipity Diamonds. He works most days from their busy Ryde showroom, photographing jewellery and writing for the Serendipity Diamonds website.

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