Results for the Most Popular Diamond Shape

Results for a survey of the most popular diamond shapes

In a recent survey conducted this month, we asked the question : “What is your preferred diamond shape for the perfect engagement ring?”

We provided a selection of the most popular diamond shapes for people to choose their preferred shape. Some of the results we found fairly surprising. There was, however, no surprise at the most popular shapes being the Round Brilliant Cut and the Princess Cut. This was no surprise, although we would tend to expect the round brilliant cut being by far the most popular, but why not?

The Princess Cut – Overall Winner with 45% of the Votes

The Princess cut is perhaps the most popular choice for anyone searching for an engagement ring that moves away from the typical shape that everyone connects with a classic style of polished diamond. Add to this the lower price for Princess cuts and you have a very good reason for this statistic. Although simple classics such as the Tiffany style Princess Cut solitaire still remain a very popular style, there is certainly greater demand for more unusual designs of engagement rings, with many opting for more unique and personalised choices for a lifelong purchase.

9% for Pear Shape Diamonds

One of the surprising results was for the Pear shape which features fairly strongly in the results, but is generally regarded as a less popular choice for engagement rings. Perhaps this reflects a future trend and a rise in popularity of this beautiful fancy shape diamond that will be seen over the coming year. We have already experienced an increased rise in interest for this shape of diamond, and there are already some beautiful classic Pear shape solitaire engagement rings that are also wedding ring friendly, sitting perfectly flush with a straight wedding band. We would ordinarily predict the Heart Shape Brilliant Cut to be a step ahead of the Pear shape in popularity, but not on this occasion, falling behind the Pear shape at 7% of the votes. Probably the most romantic of the fancy shapes, people are either fans of the Heart Shape, or not, with few people regarding it with indifference. A well proportioned diamond, with a ratio of approx. 1 : 1 as should be expected, an attractive model can indeed by a spectacularly beautiful diamond, although a poorly cut stone lacking a defined heart shape, can be disastrous to the overall look of the ring. For this reason we always hand select each diamond to gain the full effect of a nicely cut stone.

 5% Would Choose an Oval

A nicely proportioned Oval Brilliant Cut diamond is a lovely choice. There are both classic solitaire styles for oval diamond, along with more contemporary minimal designs such as the sideways oval design with tension style setting. The cut has all of the elegance of the classic round brilliant cut diamond, but with a longer profile making it a popular choice for a more unusual choice. We even have elaborate styles that feature clusters, and double rows of diamond set shoulders.

Notes on the Remaining Shapes

Of the remaining shapes, less popular in just our survey, we provided the Emerald Cut, the Trilliant Cut, along with other shapes such as the Asscher Cut. Since the numbers for these results were negligible, and for the sake of avoiding an endless list of diamond shapes, we have categorised the fancy shapes receiving under 2% of the votes to “other shapes.” Some are perhaps less well known to many people, and other cuts such as the Emerald Cut are more subtle and demanding of higher purities to achieve the same level of apparent clarity to the eye that brilliant faceting can often disguise. This is one of the reasons we often advise VS clarity for an Emerald Cut diamond. We certainly find it very interesting looking over such results, and appreciate the time people take to answer our often random questions!

On just a final note, following our compilation of the above results, the Trilliant made a last minute leap forward above the Oval Brilliant Cut in popularity.

We have to admit that it was a beautiful sentiment that some ladies would regard any diamond shape as perfect provided it had come from the guy they love.

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