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Inspiring Art Deco Ring Styles

Some of the most inspiring new designs to appear, take shape from inspiring styles of a Vintage age. Classic designs are born out of a desire to take the very best from Iconic periods that have inspired a renaissance of design. Such a period is the Art Deco period, which saw a bold distinctive styling across all genres of design, from architecture to objects of art, and more relevant here, to jewellery design. Following the First World War, saw a return to extravagance and luxurious materials were incorporated in striking geometric designs, and diamond shapes such as the baguette cut and Carré cut became popular (many fine examples manufactured by Cartier will no doubt spring to mind.) Styling was influenced by World travel, with cultures from the Orient, and Egypt being sources of major inspiration.

Many of the modern jewellery designs are now reflecting vintage styling, some with fine filigree work on the exterior, other types of Art Deco ring with striking geometry, and the latter is certainly true of today’s example. R3D023 carries all the fine femininity of any diamond ring (worn especially for engagement) and the Baguette diamonds on either side of the Carré match perfectly owing to the set all being Step Cut. A more subtle shape of diamond, less prominent than the brilliant cut, step cuts are typically exemplified by diamond shapes such as Emerald cuts, Baguette Cuts, Asscher Cuts, and Carré cuts with a longitudinal step like faceting. The band on this ring is a fine tapering 2mm court profile shank which meets the setting with simplicity and grace. This particular Deco-inspired ring style is available in three main carat weight options. 0.62cts (4.5mm 0.50cts central diamond) 0.92 (5mm 0.80cts central diamond) and 1.12cts (5.5mm 1.00cts central diamond) provide three varied options depending on budget. Each option includes the 3mm x 1.5mm  baguette cut diamonds on each side of the centre stone.

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