Perfect Engagement Rings for a Sporty Lifestyle


Sporty Engagement Rings

Choosing a suitable engagement ring for a sporty lifestyle

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Before we begin, we would just like to point out that diamond rings, being fine pieces of diamond jewellery are always best removed before any physical activities are engaged in. We are asked frequently, however, to recommend designs that will withstand a more active lifestyle, hence our rationale for this post.

This may sound like a pretty strange title for a blog post but is greatly relevant to many people searching for that perfect ring for a proposal. The sports element here has little do with the feel of the ring but is one born out of security for the diamond and general resistance to wear-and-tear. Some designs are more practical than others, not necessarily for sports, but for any wear that is deemed heavier than the careful care and attention usually provided to an engagement ring. We have on several occasions, provided diamond rings for clients who sail, play sports and engage in a range of physical activities that (when worn) expose a ring to elements that are not normally associated with a fine piece of diamond jewellery.

The fact that each ring design is a carefully crafted fine piece of diamond jewellery make this a difficult task to identify a ring that would be “suitable for someone sporty” but here are a few reasons why we would choose a design that was more suitable in this way.

The diamond is more secure in the setting

Some designs feature settings that surround the diamond and are generally heavier, with more metal to secure the stone. Full bezel settings are always a good choice. Identify those designs with full, not part bezel settings unless the part-bezel extends further than 80% around the diamond. We have several such designs, many of which incorporate an equally substantial band on the ring, and are very modern, well thought out designs. Settings to keep away from include any minimal, two claw, three claw or tension style settings and any designs with very fine claws.

Lower profile sporty engagement ring designs

In addition to the setting itself, the height of the diamond will make a ring less vulnerable to encountering objects during daily wear. A high, pronounced, angular setting will likely catch on materials or will be prone to be struck when engaging in more physical activities. Keeping the setting rounded, the height lower on the finger and without any angular elements to the setting, such designs will be a safer choice.

Consider the Shape of the Stone 

Diamond shape is an element that should be regarded. Whilst full bezel settings are offered across many various shapes, (such as our contemporary full bezel engagement ring setting with Princess cut) the round brilliant cut diamond is always a good choice. Avoid pointed shapes, such as the Marquise Cut since the points of the diamond are finer than the equivalent carat weight of a round brilliant cut, since the shape is a more compact cut of diamond.

Metal Choice

Whilst 18ct White Gold remains a strong favourite, owing to the lesser cost, Platinum remains the most durable, being denser, stronger and lending itself well to re-furbishment from wear and tear. Keep clear of fine detail in Palladium as it lacks the necessary strength to offer a great degree of security to the diamond. Full bezel settings with substantial bands are advisable for Palladium designs.

Further Advice

Whilst the above advice relates to more robust designs, for peace of mind, always insure your jewellery with a reputable insurance provider and wherever possible remove items of jewellery out of harm’s way.

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