Five Essential Engagement Rings with Side Stones


We have selected five essential designs that are beautiful and refined engagement ring designs, each with the addition of side stones across the shoulders. The outer carat weight complements the central diamond weight, making this style a wise choice to gain a greater diamond weight for a particular budget. There are both pro’s and con’s to diamond side stones, relating to sizing work, and to wear and tear of the ring. We will begin with some advantages to rings that include shoulder diamonds.

Advantages to Purchasing a Ring with Side Diamonds

Take a solitaire (one diamond) ring at a specific carat weight, colour and clarity, and compare the cost to the overall carat weight achieved by a diamond ring with diamonds across each shoulder. You will find the latter remarkably less in cost than the single stone ring. This is one way of perhaps affording a 1.00ct diamond ring, without the full weight being within one diamond, whilst still gaining a noticeably sized rock in the centre. For this reason, style such as R1D013 and R1D014 require you to select your chosen central diamond weight, and the side stones are provided in addition. Prices can be selected online in this way in a clear and straightforward fashion.

Other advantages are largely show and appearance, with a more elaborate show of diamonds being presented by the addition of small accented diamonds on either side of the main stone.

Are There any Disadvantages?

We usually find such rings are real winners for any proposal, but care should be taken when selecting the finger size, since rings with channel set or grain set outer diamonds are less forgiving and tolerant of greater size adjustments. We tend to advise no more than a 1 – 2  finger size adjustment for such ring designs.

Five Essential Designs

Four Claw Solitaire Ring with Side Stones

The round solitaire R1D014 remains a particular favourite, with a simple, uncomplicated four claw setting, without the fuss of an underbezel. The 14 x 1.5mm round brilliant cut diamonds are all fully faceted and are channel set across each shoulder. The 0.21cts of side stones match by cut, colour and clarity the centre stone, and contrast beautifully against the size of a larger central diamond. 0.70cts within the centre, being approx. 5.7mm balanced nicely with the 2.5mm width of each shoulder, making this an accomplished design worthy of any proposal.

Four Claw Princess Ring with Side StonesThe next style lends itself particularly well to continuing the theme of side stones, since R1D013 remains a strong favourite and is the Princess cut equivalent, elegantly represented here. The central Princess cut diamond is held within neat rounded claws (four at each corner) with precisely set Princess cut diamonds, 1.5mm each along each shoulder. Five diamonds each side complement the matching diamond cut at the centre. The ring profile has a lovely rounded flat style, and again, larger Princess cut styles highlight the contrast between the 2.5mm wide shoulders and the feature stone.

Emerald Cut with Diamond Shoulders

Mixing individual diamond shapes can sometimes achieve great results. No truer word could be applied to R1D010S, our Emerald cut solitaire with double shoulders. The side stones are neatly micro-grain set across the double band, either side of a beautifully faceted Emerald cut diamond. The stone has four squared claws to compliment the flat corners of the diamond, which is available in diamond sizes from 6mm x 4mm upwards. A range of similar designs are available, with alternative diamond shapes, but the Emerald cut remains one of our most popular rings with outer diamonds.

Five Stone Twist RingThe next design we wish to present, takes the form of R5D001, an elegant five stone ring, with the four outer diamonds being very much smaller in stark contrast to the round brilliant at the centre. Elegant tapering cross-over shoulders harmonise perfectly within this design, with the feature diamond being a fully certified, statement at the heart of this new and exciting ring design which is one of the more recent additions to the designs featuring outer diamond accents.

Diamond Halo Ring

The final design we have lends a further dimension to the ring to complement the outer diamonds. The addition of a diamond halo (Style R1D001S), set with the same size of melee diamonds, around the main stone delivers a stunning modern example of a diamond ring with full effect. The presence of the ring of diamonds around the girdle of the central stone increases the diameter of the setting, and creates a dramatic effect, which never fails to impress. As our final ring on today’s blog, this certainly is a wonderful design to end on.

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