Engagement Rings – Framing the Princess Cut with Diamonds


Square Engagement Rings – Framed with Diamonds

Many of our posts, relate to the wonderful new styles that become available. Especially new styles of engagement rings. We have also referred to many ring settings as ‘frames’ for the diamond, but here we refer to the frame in an altogether different context. In the same way that a painting can be bordered by a simple, almost unseen frame (simple Tiffany style settings have the same effect) here, like a beautifully worked gilt frame, we have finely crafted detail that becomes a feature of the ring design. Square halo settings (specifically the princess halo engagement ring design) are popular for a few different reasons, but namely.

1. They enlarge the setting, as the eye naturally shifts from central diamond to outer halo.

2. They achieve a total carat weight at a fraction of the cost of a single diamond of equivalent carat weight.

3. They are modern classics that have already risen dramatically in popularity.

Are these styles of halo rings just a fad?

Certainly not. Since the styling of this type of engagement ring brings elements already present in many timeless ring styles, the simple halo styles are set to become modern classics, with the same timeless feel as many of the existing ring designs that have remained popular for decades, such as the Tiffany setting, or three stone trilogy styles.

Featured ring R1D028S – available from £1100.00 with a 0.40cts central diamond.



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