Why Choose a 0.70 Carat Diamond?


The beauty of the 0.70 carat diamond

Most people appreciate that budget is usually the main driving force behind an engagement ring purchase. Most people purchasing an engagement ring will, at some time, wonder what diamond size is most suitable for a ring. Here we have chosen the 0.70 carat diamond to demonstrate suitability for various reasons. The carat weight, and physical size makes this a very popular carat weight, (albeit more expensive than the popular 0.50 carat diamond) for various reasons, such as :

  • The physical size of the diamond contrasts beautifully with the width of most engagement ring bands.
  • The cost is less than the hardly distinguishable 0.75cts weight and significantly less than the classic 1 carat solitaire ring.
  • The 5.7mm diamond sizes is not too conspicuous when worn on the finger but yet is noticeable and prominent.
  • Availability is good in most colours and clarities, without the need to pay a premium for a hard-to-source carat weight.

The above ring design is a beautiful Lucida styled diamond engagement ring, R1D059 from our engagement ring collection (solitaire range) with elegant cross-over claws and a slightly wider shoulder. As noted above the proportions of the setting work well with the diameter of the diamond, making this a perfect round solitaire choice.




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