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Engagement rings can be accompanied by none, some or lots of information. It is always helpful to find the information needed in one place. This is certainly true when researching diamond engagement rings. Many of our clients spend hours researching, to learn more about diamonds. This provides them with the means of making an informed decision for buying the ring.

Engagement Rings Infographic Chart

Please study the above image, and mouse over the relevant areas. An information box will appear. Click the title and for more information. This is a very simple guide. The first reaction for anyone looking at rings for the first time will be the complexity. Buying an item of fashion jewellery is much simpler. Buying an item having one price is also very simple. When you are spending (whatever budget you set) to an engagement ring, understanding certain key details will ensure you find the best ring for your price.

Where to Begin

The internet offers a vast resource for information. Sometimes this is a little like taking a drink from a fire hydrant! For this reason, we have tried to build these details into one area, taking you to areas that are of interest. Ring styles are probably the element we have not included. Since there are a wealth of styles, this is often quite overwhelming. Aside from the many diamond shapes, and sizes, engagement rings sometimes have more than one diamond. For this reason we have several categories to our website. This makes things a little easier to find the right style.

When you have spent a little time looking over the information, you can view many of our styles here. If you need further help or advice, some friendly guidance, no matter how much or how little, please get in touch.

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