Engagement Rings with Coloured Stones – Add a Splash of Colour


An Introduction to Engagement Rings with Coloured Stones

Should Engagement Rings Have Only Diamonds?

Engagement rings should not always be all-diamond. Today there is a strong demand for engagement rings with coloured stones. There is also a demand for both coloured stones and diamonds together. At Serendipity Diamonds, (as the name suggests) we feature mainly diamond ring designs. This is not to say that we cannot customise rings with precious and semi precious stones. This can be done to meet a client’s particular preferences. Over time, we will feature more of our coloured stone commissions. We have already been doing this for some time. Hopefully this will give a little more insight into some of the options available. Adding coloured stones will often turn a traditional generic design, into something a little more unusual by colour alone.

What designs are possible?

Many of our designs are available set with coloured stones. We can also mix both diamond and coloured gems. This adds contrast between white and gemstone, as you can see from the above Amethyst design and from the Citrine ring in our recent post. A commission can be related to a specific birthstone, according to the recipient of the ring. As a result many of the engagement rings with coloured stones convey a very personal meaning.

Are there any benefits?

Besides adding the further dimension of colour to the ring, cost can be greatly reduced. Sometimes significantly,  since many coloured stones (both precious

and semi-precious gemstones) are often less expensive than diamonds. This is not always the case, but many types of gemstones do work out less expensive than white, high clarity diamonds.

Additional considerations?

Without delving too deeply into specific stone types, hardness is one detail worth noting, along with cut. Since diamonds are expensive stones, a great deal of time and effort is put into the cutting and polishing of the stone. Combine this with the durability and you see just why this is a perfect choice for long term wear. Consider both the durability of your chosen stone, and cut. Both will greatly benefit the final effect of the finished ring.

Examples of Engagement Rings with Coloured Stones

The following designs are a few of the possibilities for adding gemstones to regular engagement ring designs. Each option can be quoted for according to your specific requirements, in any chosen metal and stone size. Whether your preference is for the solitaire style of ring design, or for white diamonds within a halo or across the shoulders, there are many possibilities that will result in an exceptional engagement ring.




Tanzanite-and-diamond-engagement-ringYellow Sapphire and diamond three stone engagement ringPink-sapphire-halo-engagement-ring-with-diamond-shoulders

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