5 Ways To Personalise an Engagement Ring


How to Personalise an Engagement ring

Within today’s blog, we’re talking about just some of the ways you can personalise an engagement ring. It makes complete sense that an item (wherever possible) falls in-line with personal preferences. We see this in many products, such as the motor industry. Enormous options exist on car specifications. Jewellery is no different. An engagement ring can be created to take into account a person’s taste in colour and style, but incorporating truly personal elements. Here we have just some of the exciting ways to personalise an engagement ring.

1. Bespoke Design

Bespoke design usually involves the creation of a truly unique item of jewellery. This might be out of necessity (e.g. where a matching wedding ring has to fit to an existing engagement ring.) More often than not, custom-made engagement rings allow an exact design based on a client’s wishes. This need not be radically different. Bespoke design can sometimes be used to create subtle styling differences which cannot be achieved within existing designs. There are many techniques available, but CAD Modelling is now very popular since this allows intricate detail and proportions based upon specific diamond sizes. Another advantage lies in the effective image work provided to clients, demonstrating how the finished engagement ring will appear.

2. Swapping Diamonds for Coloured Stones


Don’t think that you need to settle on choices that are ‘all-diamond engagement rings.’ Customisation with colour will give you countless opportunities for a truly unique engagement ring. There are so many ideas on how to merge colour into an existing ring design. We can include any other precious or semi-precious stone within an item of jewellery. Perhaps your partner’s birthstone is also one of her favourite colours.  In which case this might just be an inspirational choice for her engagement ring. For that truly opulent finish, many of our designs can include outer white diamonds adding both contrast and added brilliance to the ring.

3. Laser Engraving


Does your partner have a favourite song lyric, or symbol – perhaps a symbol on a tattoo, or do you cherish (and remember) the date you first met? Whatever it is, we can laser engrave wording or characters into the band of an engagement ring. (Not just a service for wedding rings.)  The only constraint will be your imagination! We have engraved many engagement rings with truly personal messages, dates, poetry and symbols styled in any font you need. This will take one of our regular ring styles and will subtly transform this into a one of a kind ring, at a very small additional cost.

4. Adapting a Regular Design

personalise an engagement ring by adapting an existing design

We make most of our rings to order. For this reason we can tweak, or adapt the design at the point of manufacture. Wherever possible, we welcome personal preferences, provided we are aware of requirements, noted from the beginning. Do you prefer a slightly more pronounced graduation on the shoulders of a ring? Would you prefer a more rounded band? Would you like us to set the diamond a little lower? These are just some of the things we can consider when you buy a ring, tailored to your exact requirements.

5. Choice of Diamond

personalise an engagement ring with shapes

Walk into a jewellery shop and you will probably be offered various ring designs. The assistant will probably persuade you to choose from one of the existing rings. By viewing some of our online designs using the drop down options, you are already personalising the ring choice. Further than this, we have spoken in-depth about the advantages of in-between diamond weights for engagement rings. Although subject to availability (some flexibility is always advisable) there are many options, by way of not only diamond carat weight. We can offer more unusual diamond cuts such as the Baguette Cut, or perhaps the three-sided Trilliant Cut. One of the best ways to discover your options is to contact us, or to call and chat with us. We can often make suggestions you would never consider. So no matter how unique and personalised the engagement ring, we would certainly have some great advice on how to achieve it.

Maybe you have a further suggestion on how an engagement ring can be personalised. Feel free to comment and add suggestions below.



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