Shooting Ourselves in the Foot – Halving the Cost of a Diamond Ring

Five stone ring with pink sapphire in place of central diamond.

Why are we shooting ourselves in the foot?

From time to time, we pass on a little information that perhaps we should not. Hence the bit about shooting ourselves in the foot. For clients, it can be a win-win situation. So why do this? Well, we get to keep people happy, we carry on doing what we do best (making jewellery and doing our best for our clients)

Customisation normally costs

Personalization and Customisation are terms often associated with spending more money. We all know that diamonds are one of the most expensive items. They are also highly popular for engagement rings. For most items – customise it and you can add a few zero’s. You will no doubt find this out in later years when you plan a wedding.

How to do it

Many of the ring designs we produce are fully diamond set. Offering a service to personalise jewellery enables us to make any one of our rings, with alternative choices of precious or semi-precious stones. Take any one of our diamond engagement rings, and swap the diamond for a beautifully rich precious stone, and this can significantly vary the cost. There are exceptions. Rubies are one example. Many of our precious stone choices (Ruby is one example) in higher qualities can be equal to the price of a high-quality diamond, but there are beautiful examples which cut cost.

Example – Pink Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Rings

A perfect example is seen in our 5 stone diamond engagement ring R5D001. Shown below are two versions. In 18ct White Gold, the all-diamond version would be around £1700 with G colour SI1 clarity diamonds. Swap the central diamond for a beautiful Pink Sapphire and this reduces to £900 – 1000. Adding a burst of colour (especially pink) to an engagement ring can add interest whilst making the ring a very personal choice.

Mark Johnson

About Mark Johnson

Mark attended Liverpool University and went on to pursue a career in the diamond industry. After more than a decade working in polished diamonds, Mark moved to the Isle of Wight where he launched Serendipity Diamonds. He works most days from their busy Ryde showroom, photographing jewellery and writing for the Serendipity Diamonds website.

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