Open Diamond Settings for Engagement Rings


Open Diamond Settings to Showcase Your Stone

Open Diamond Settings Reveal the Brilliance of a Diamond

We regularly say, less is more. This is especially true when it comes to the solitaire engagement ring. Perfect engagement ring designs are usually simple designs open to the passage of light. A simple setting does not draw attention away from the diamond. Let us stop and consider for a moment, some of the older styles of ring setting. Many solitaire designs featured eight or more claws surrounding the diamond. For many people, such ring styles lose the unfussed, understated look of many  newer engagement ring designs.

Featured Design – R1D078

Today we have decided to feature R1D078 – our most minimalist engagement ring setting, but showcased here within a 1 carat diamond size, which produces quite a stunning effect. We are featuring this particular design because of the simple setting of this ring style. The diamond is held under tension, positioned slightly below the ledge of each shoulder. Light can freely enter the diamond and be reflected / refracted. This reveals the brilliance and precision of the diamond cut.

Typical Diamond Sizes

Typical sizes for this setting are 0.30cts – 0.50cts, but from time-to-time we are asked to model such rings to accommodate larger diamond sizes. We ensure the same level of personal attention with each order, whether this is a website order, or a custom made design. For this particular commission, we selected a beautiful GIA certified diamond.  The setting was built to meet the exact dimensions of the diamond.

Pro’s and Con’s of a Minimal Ring Setting

There are always advantages and disadvantages with any ring style. The pro’s for open diamond settings include :  the impact of a ‘naked’ diamond, without the distraction of metal claws. The diamond reveals itself in all its brilliance. On a cautionary note (one of the con’s) : the wearer does need to ensure firstly finger size is accurate. Sizing down such a ring requires the diamond to be re-tensioned. This in turn can reduce the stability of the setting. Secondly care should be taken with any minimal style of ring setting. Open settings leave the diamond more vulnerable to damage, so a greater degree of care should be taken when wearing open designs.

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