5 Top Engagement Rings for Bewildered Boyfriends


For some people, buying an engagement ring is a lengthy process involving many hours of research and time. If you are not one of those people, then read on. This post is for you. Perhaps you’re short on time, so we’ll cut to the chase and show you 5 top engagement rings for bewildered boyfriends.

The fact is, you don’t want to compromise on the ring – you just want 5 damn good ideas for perfect engagement rings. Like I said – this post is for you.

5 top engagement rings to sweep her off her feet.

1. The Modern Classic 6 Claw


Sleek, substantial and probably what most people think of when you say “diamond solitaire.” This design is an iconic, modern ring. The most popular diamond shape, (round brilliant cut) in a simple, un-ussed setting that shows off the diamond to dramatic effect. This setting offers security for the diamond within 6 claws and the styling of this ring is a modern masterpiece. A work of art.

Best suits :  1 carat diamond. Simply breathtaking

2. The 4 Claw Twist



The original, modern twist setting never fails to achieve what so many designers set out to achieve. A well-balanced ring design that flows seamlessly from the band to the diamond. Four claws rise and turn to clutch the diamond effortlessly.

Best suits : Any diamond size 0.30cts upwards

3. The Four Claw Princess



The classic Tiffany style engagement ring, there are few Princess cut engagement rings that frame the diamond in the same way. The underside of the diamond is exposed and unhindered without any underbezel adding to the simplicity of this design.

Best suits : Sizes 0.70cts and above providing with the full effect of the flared claws from the base of the setting to the tip of the claw. A substantial setting like this suits a large diamond.

4.  Diamond Shoulder Classic



For anyone looking for added sparkle across the band of the engagement ring. A simple ring design, with a little extra.

Best Suits : Princess cut diamonds 0.50cts upwards.

5. The Halo Engagement Ring



One of the original “Halo” settings. A modern-day classic in the making. A fully certified diamond encircled with perfectly cut smaller diamonds, with the added details of shoulder set diamonds.

Best Suits : A central diamond 0.40cts and above.

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