What is Milgrain Edging?


Milgrain Edging – Adding Texture to Engagement Rings

R1D047S features milgrain edges around diamonds set into leaf styled shoulders

Milgrain edging is a detail which produces the effect of small beads or grains of metal on the edge of the ring, or item of jewellery. Milgrain edging produces a wonderful decorative effect which has seen a rise in popularity alongside new vintage styles of engagement ring designs. This style of edging can be produced in a variety of ways.

Milgrain Wheel

A milgrain wheel is one of the simplest methods of applying the effect. The tool incorporates a rotating wheel set into a handle, which is run along the metal edge to produce the effect of small grains. Run alongside pavé set diamonds, the effect maximises the visual size of the setting, making it appear larger.

CAD Design

When jewellery is designed on computers using software to build a ‘virtual ring’ each individual grain can be modelled into the design. The milgrain edging will then appear in the final casting produced, once the model is fabricated.


There are various techniques, but this process literally applies small individual beads of metal directly to the surface by soldering them onto the metal.

Double shoulders are edged by Milgrain detail shown by a photograph of R1D051S


The application of milgrain edging, can be found on many types of engagement rings. The following are a small collection of some of the pieces we have produced featuring this beautiful decorative jewellery feature. Milgrain is especially popular amongst the vintage engagement ring revival, with new styles replicating Antique features from eras such as the Edwardian Period. The edging is very popular around diamond halo styles, and along the diamond set shoulders adding texture and changing the overall look – moving away from the brightness of the flat polish that we see across most modern engagement ring designs.

Engagement ring R1D045S features double overlapping diamond shoulders, edged with milgrain detail.

Keep in Mind

When arranging for your engagement ring (or wedding ring) to be re-finished, ensure that your jeweller takes care to retain the milgrain edging. Heavy handed polishing can remove or lessen this detail. Remember to be careful to point out the detail if the jeweller is not familiar with your ring and ensure that it is in safe hands.

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