The Solstice Sale at Candere


What is the Summer Solstice/ Winter Solstice/ Solstice?

I’m sure the word ‘Solstice’ rings a bell, doesn’t it?
Solstice refers to those days of the year that have the most sunlight or the least sunlight. In other words, on the day of the solstice, there is a maximum day or night.
One solstice happens during summer and the other one happens during winter. Since India is in the Northern Hemisphere, the summer solstice happens on 21st June while the winter solstice happens on 21st December. In the Southern Hemisphere, the events get exchanged i.e. the winter solstice is on 21st June while the summer solstice is on 21st December.

What is the Solstice Sale at Candere?

The Solstice Sale at Candere is another excuse to empty your carts. The offer for the sale are as follows:

Gold Jewellery Offer:

Get Rs. 250 off on designs above 25k,
Get Rs. 500 off on designs above 50k and
Get Rs. 750 off on designs above 75k.

Diamond Jewellery Offer:

Get Rs. 500 off on designs above 25k,
Get Rs. 750 off on designs above 50k,
Get Rs. 1000 off on designs above 75k and
Get Rs. 1250 off on designs above 1 lakh.

The more you shop, the more you save!

What’s New At Candere?

We believe in keeping up with the trends and so we recommend adding fresh designs to your stash this season. Here’s a sneak peek at the new designs at Candere:


There is no outfit a dainty bracelet doesn’t compliment!
The bracelet sports the simplest design with three rectangular quadrilaterals adorned with sparkling diamonds – oh what a sight! The chain of the bracelet is flexible, another reason why we love it. It can be the star of the wrist on its own or can be stacked for a more power-packed look. Check out the same design in yellow gold.


Some love bracelets, some love kadas – we’re not judging ‘cause we have something for everyone. The highlight of this kada is undoubtedly the diamond-embellished paper clip. Make sure to select the right size as well as check out this design in rose gold before adding it to the cart!


Don’t we just hate it ladies when our HR points out our favourite necklace is not a part of the dress code? We have your back! Seiko is one of the daintiest pieces of necklaces that you will ever come across; needless to say, it will fit right into your dress code. It says LOVE but you can always customize it with your name with our designers!


The ultimate pair of cufflinks that we simply can’t stop gushing over!
There’s just something about diamonds that we simply can’t think of designing anything without. With just the right amount of shimmer, these cufflinks are the only accessory you need to stand out from the crowd.


As the offices are resuming, we know you want that one thing that’ll motivate you to go to work after this loooooong break. These studs will do it just fine! Available in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold; they can complement anything in your wardrobe – from pencil skirts to salwar kameez!


Just because we love diamonds, doesn’t mean we forgot you gold loving souls.
Femi is one of the bold gold rings that we have introduced on the website for the first time. Priced at a super budget-friendly price, the twisted design of Femi has grabbed quite a few eyeballs. Grab it before it’s too late!


Our daily dose of bling with Jeanne.
This pendant has that twinkling look that makes you want to wear this for your everyday look. The bail of the pendant hides behind the design just effortlessly and fits right into your pocket. The design is the perfect balance of diamond and gold, something that’s proven itself as a worthy piece for your everyday ensemble.

Loved what you saw? Check out the New Arrivals.

The Solstice Sale ends on 22nd June. Hurry!

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