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Save £££ going just under the diamond carat weight for your engagement ring.

Sometimes the advice we give makes our life that little more difficult. Especially true when we are sourcing very specific diamond weights. We do however try very hard to pass along any advice, ideas and guidance that will ultimately save those all important pennies. Let’s face it, if you can pay for the engagement ring and the romantic weekend, within the original ring budget, that would be fantastic!

 We have spoken previously about in-between diamond weights and this complements my original post. This post explained the reduced price of many in-between carat weights.

By referring to shy diamond weights – this means a carat weight falling just below a ‘magic’ full carat weight. For example 0.49cts compared to 0.50cts. Across our own website, (which generally reflects a retail saving of around 40-50% on average) comes in approximately £200 – 300 less expensive with a ‘shy’ carat weight.

Take for example the following example :

0.50cts round brilliant cut diamond. G colour SI2 clarity. Set into 950 Platinum, within our ‘Swirl’ design R1D086. £1471.81 based on today’s price.

Within our in-between carat weight selection of the website, the cost is £1242.00. But there is no difference in the physical stone size or compromise in the cut or proportions.

Just another interesting, best kept secret. The only difficulty here is availability, since there is a much more limited supply of certified diamonds shy of full carat weights. Perhaps talk to us if this is something you want help on. We tend to stock and source wide selections of carat weights, so help is always on hand regardless of the size.

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