Muhurat Wedding Jewellery Collection By Kalyan Jewellers


The Muhurat Wedding Jewellery Collection by Kalyan Jewellers is one of the most talked-about wedding jewellery collections. There are numerous collections under the Muhurat umbrella and we shall talk about them here.

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Mudhra Collection 

Hasta Mudra is a form of expression synonymous with the classical dance forms of India, symbolizing emotions, objects, animals etc. Inspired by the versatility of this art form we bring to you the ‘Mudhra Collection’, an expression of art in its traditional form, designed in antique gold and embellished with Kundan and gemstones with beautifully handcrafted carvings.
Mudhra Collection is handcrafted antique jewellery meant for Indian weddings. The collection consists of gold jewellery adorned in gemstones with a stunning antique finish.

As of today, the collection houses 150+ designs of rings, earrings, bangles, maang tikka and nath. You can buy matching earrings and necklace sets from the Mudhra collection as well. Shop your wedding jewellery set today. The collection starts at 41k.

Check out some of our recommendations from this collection – Prafula Mudhra Gold Ring, Mahuya Mudhra Gold Jhumka, Shanza Mudhra Gold Bangle and Kanika Mudhra Gold Necklace.

Nimah Collection 

Nimah Collection Muhurat Wedding Jewellery Collection By Kalyan Jewellers

Nimah or ‘devotion’ is a tribute to the talent of craftsmen from the bygone era who created the Heritage of India as we know it today. Nimah is a perfect description of jewellery inspired by the ancient temples of South India. Indian temple jewellery has long been a part of our cultural heritage and Nimah features ornate designs of the same in 22K complemented by brilliant craftsmanship that matches perfectly with the likes of ethnic brides of India.

The Nimah collection has 90+ designs of earrings, bangles and necklaces. This wedding jewellery collection has numerous sets of necklace and earrings that are the perfect accessory for the bride and her entourage. The collection starts at 46k.

Check out some of our recommendations from this collection – Bijal Nimah Gold Earrings, Damyanti Nimah Gold Bangle and Yashashree Nimah Gold Necklace.

Sankalp Collection 

Sankalp Collection Muhurat Wedding Jewellery Collection By Kalyan Jewellers
Every bride looks gorgeous on the day of her wedding and with our Sankalp collection, we embellish her beauty. The jewellery that makes any girl dream of her momentous day is what we present to you. True to tradition yet contemporary in design, Sankalp glorifies the occasion, from engagement to wedding, with brilliant, flamboyant creations in gold.

The Sankalp collection is the classic yellow gold wedding jewellery collection that speaks of our Indian culture like no other piece of jewellery. This wedding collection has a range of design options for your D-day as well as small occasions like birthday, anniversary, etc.

The Sankalp collection has 160+ designs of rings, earrings, bangles, pendants, chains, necklaces, bracelets, kadas and mangalsutras. The collection starts only at 11k.
Check out some of our recommendations from this collection – Acira  Sankalp Gold Pendant Set, Pangari Sankalp Gold Earrings, Iksuvari Sankalp Gold Bangle, Saswin Sankalp Gold Bracelet and Jivanta Sankalp Gold Ring.

The other collections of the Muhurat Wedding Jewellery Collection are Rang, Anokhi and Vedha. The Rang collection comprises colourful gemstones set in gold, the Anokhi collection comprises uncut diamonds set in gold and the Vedha Collection comprises heritage jewellery with uncut diamonds.

And guess what? You can shop all of these online from Candere by Kalyan Jewellers. Go ahead and get yourself or your loved ones something from the celebrated Muhurat Wedding Jewellery collection. You can also choose to shop with DGRP, an interest-free saving plan that lets you pay for the jewellery in instalments.

Happy Shopping!

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