8 Types Of Dads & What To Get Them In Jewellery


Father’s day is just around the corner and we wanted to help you pick just the perfect gift for your dad. We had already written a blog post in the past about different jewellery to gift your dad on Father’s Day. You can read it here

This year, we decided to list the different types of dads we see around us and suggest a gift per type. We bet you’re dad’s one of them. Let’s check them out:

The Fun-Loving Dad

The fun-loving dad is definitely the coolest dad out there. Not just you, all your friends adore him. Your gang loves planning their vacations as per him; whether it’s a simple movie outing or a hike – he’s your man!

For the fun-loving dad, we recommend Diar Kurta Buttons, Zarrah Kurta Buttons and Nawabi Kurta Buttons. You can browse more kurta buttons here.

The Well-Dressed Dad

Have you learnt the art of dressing up from your dad? From acing that casual look in shorts to looking as classy as ever in a tux – these types of dad have a major influence not only on your life but also on how you dress up. His style just refuses to go out of style, whether it’s in the past, present or future. 

For the well-dressed dad, we recommend Caleb Diamond Cufflinks, Nature’s Love Gemstone Cufflinks and Best Dad Gold Cufflink. You can browse more cufflinks here.

The Sports Dad

Sports is something you and your father have bonded over since childhood. He loves coaching kids as much as playing the sport himself. It’s difficult to pick something for him that won’t get in the way of his game, but we have found just the right gift for him!

For the sporty dad, we recommend Jackson Diamond Stud, Thomas Diamond Stud, Jacob Diamond Stud and Xavier Diamond Stud. You can browse more diamond earrings here.

The Best Friend Dad

Your friends don’t relate with you when you say your dad is your best friend and it’s completely fine. He has been your friend, philosopher and guide. Whenever you’ve trusted him with something, he has always held up his end of the bargain. Our suggestions for your best friend is something you both can twin on.

For the best friend dad, we recommend The Warrior Gold Bracelet, Hredhaan Gold Bracelet, Zodiac Leather Bracelet and The Lawrence Gold Bracelet. You can browse more bracelets here.

The Party Dad


When we say party, do you think of your dad? Worry not, we have something for the party ki jaan dad. Let’s get him something flashy and sparkly that he wouldn’t mind showing off in front of his buddies.

For the party animal dad, we recommend Clinton Diamond Ring, Astera Diamond Earrings and Ailbert Yellow Sapphire Ring. You can browse more partywear jewellery here.

The Workaholic Dad

Some people worship their work, and then there’s your dad. Sometimes, our dad teaches us all about work ethics and how to abide by them. For such a dad, let’s get him something he can wear to work every day.

For the workaholic dad, we recommend Nevin Gold Band, Cleo Gold Chain and The Godfrey Gold Bracelet. You can browse more workwear jewellery here.

The Religious Dad

Is your dad the religious one? Well, we’ve got something for him too. No matter how much you hated those early morning arti’s before school, you craved them the most when you went to a different city to pursue your higher studies.

For the religious dad, we recommend Bajrangi Gold Pendant, Guru Nanak Diamond Pendant and Sanskruti Diamond Pendant. You can browse more pendants here.

The New Dad

We’re sure you have a new dad in your circle – your friend, your friend’s brother, your cousin… it could be anyone! For such a new dad, you can get something for his little angel and you will definitely see him enjoy his gift the most.

For the new dad, we recommend Primrose Diamond Ring, Firestar Diamond Pendant, Beaded Joy Gold Bracelet, Heart Out Mother of Pearl Earrings and Abhaya Gold Bracelet. You can browse more kids’ jewellery here.

Still confused? You can browse the entire men’s collection and pick anything you wish.

Happy Shopping!

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