New Arrivals This May


While this month had one of the most exciting events of the year, we added some unique and classic pieces and didn’t want you to miss out on them. Here’s a blog dedicated to The New Arrivals of May!

Multi Pierced Earrings

We‘ve added a new category of earrings – Multi Pierced Earrings. As the name suggests, these earring designs are for the second, third, etc. piercings. The size of the earring drops from first to the second earring, thus these ones are smaller than normal earrings. You will find almost a dozen of them on Candere in a variety of shapes and sizes like flower, dolphin, heart and crescent.

To name a few would be Icy Hearts Diamond Earrings, Orca Diamond Earrings, Wand Diamond Earrings, Entire Diamond Earrings, etc. Explore more here.

Dangles Earrings

Akshaya Tritiya is one of the few events when everyone is looking forward to buying fine jewellery. So we made sure that our collections are stacked with new designs crafted for the millennial shopper. These designs are made in gold but sport a contemporary look and go light on your ears as well as your pockets. 

To name a few of these designs would Daevika Gold Earrings, Chitramala Gold Earrings, Tharvi Gold Earrings, Anadrika Gold Earrings, etc.

Dainty Gold Necklaces & Bracelets

Jewellery needs to become a part of our daily lives and these new gold necklaces and bracelets ensure that they do. These lightweight designs are perfect for work as they don’t weigh you down but simply elevate your look to another level like a pro. 

To name a few necklaces would be Klinkari Gold Necklace, Saria Gold Necklace, etc.

To name a few bracelets would be Vajrita Gold Bracelet, Supta Gold Bracelet, etc.

Tushi Designs

The hottest category has also received some fresh designs. We have added Indratha Tushi Gold Necklace, Nirmitha Tushi Gold Necklace, Panchali Tushi Gold Necklace, Dayanita Tushi Gold Necklace, Kushali Tushi Gold Necklace and more. Tushi earrings, necklaces and bangles have been a constant in the bestseller collection and we’re delighted to add a handful of designs to the collection this month.

Gold Bands for Men

Gold bands have been a favourite of men’s jewellery as it’s not only worn by jewellery lovers but also those who wear just their wedding bands. These are available in the evergreen yellow gold shade in the form of classic bands. They have some interesting shapes and sizes and come with both matte as well as glossy finish.

To name a few designs would be Dorian Gold Band, Nevin Gold Band, Jadine Gold Band, Gabri Gold Band, Paolo Gold Band and more!

NEW ARRIVALS: The trends are changing and we want you to keep up with them. The purpose of buying and wearing jewellery is much more than what it used to be for our previous generation. Nowadays, we’re more into a variety of options than owning statement pieces to be worn on special occasions. We simply believe that jewellery should be worn every day and our designs make sure you can do that on a budget.

So keep visiting our New Arrivals page to know more about the market trends.

Happy Shopping!

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