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Investment is an important part of our lives. There is no right age to start investing, you can start it right away!

Investment depends directly on time i.e. the longer you invest in something, the higher the returns. 

Let’s say you’ve just started your first job and have a little disposable income. You want to do something constructive with it, what do you do? You invest it.

Investments are subject to market risk. Is there anything that you can invest in without worrying about it every second? Yes, there is – GOLD.

Why should gold be your first form of investment?

Investment is a heavy word, not if you are investing in gold. When you’re investing in gold, you should only be concerned about the gold rate. It’s just a search away. When you’re buying gold online, just make sure that the jeweller isn’t quoting a rate much higher than he should. 

While buying gold, make sure you buy from a trusted jeweller who is willing to give you a price breakup of the final price.

Gold can be shopped in two forms – jewellery and gold coin/bar. 

Which one should you go for? Keep scrolling to know it.


Before we discuss anything, let’s get one thing straight – jewellery is not gender-biased. Jewellery is a personal choice and that’s why at Candere we have jewellery for both men and women. The different types of jewellery available on Candere include rings, earrings, chains, bracelets, cufflinks, kurta buttons, necklaces & more. The different materials used include gold, diamond, gemstone, platinum, etc.

While buying gold jewellery for daily wear, you can go ahead and buy it in 22K variants. This is best suited for daily wear, however, if you wish to get something in coloured gold, consider buying in 18K. The reason being, coloured gold is obtained by mixing copper or zinc in the alloy. If you wish to get the coloured gold in 18K, then it won’t be durable.

When it comes to studded jewellery, it is advised to go for 18K purity. 22K purity is more delicate as compared to 18K, thus the prongs might not be able to hold your precious stones securely.

In case you’re interested in buying platinum, it is available in Pt950 purity only.

If you don’t wear jewellery on a daily basis, you can buy it for occasional wear like birthdays, anniversaries, annual functions, etc. You may also buy jewellery for your near and dear ones.

Note: Gold jewellery comes with BIS Hallmarking that is engraved on the jewellery itself whereas diamond, gemstone and platinum jewellery carries a Certificate of Authenticity from world-renowned laboratories. Make sure your jewellery has that to ensure you get what you pay for.


Not really into jewellery? No worries, invest via gold coins and bars. They are available in 24Kt(999) purity and 22Kt(995) purities respectively. If you’re strictly buying coins for the sole purpose of investment, go ahead with 24Kt. This ensures that you reap the maximum profit. However, if you’re planning on exchanging these coins for jewellery in future, you can go ahead with 22Kt. That way you can ensure that minimum wastage happens and the coin is used properly.

When it comes to gold, it’s one of those investments that are tangible. However, when one buys gold just as an investment or to freeze the gold rate, it becomes cumbersome to store it. You have to keep it under lock and key or in your bank’s locker. To avoid all the hassle, you may go ahead and buy digital gold.

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