2ct Pear Shaped Diamonds – Finding the Perfect Stone


Showing the variation in styles amongst 1.5ct and 2.0ct Pear shaped diamonds

Make, Model and Diamond Shape

Unlike Round Brilliant Cut diamonds, many of the fancy diamond shapes vary in appearance from one diamond to another. In this instance I am referring specifically to the shape, and not other considerations of the 4 C’s such as colour and clarity. For any given diamond shape, there are many variations in the model. This relates to the proportions of the diamond and the ratio between length and width. Pear shaped diamonds are a great example.

2ct Pear Shaped Diamonds

Look at the above image, and you will see a selection of 2 carat Pear shaped diamonds. To the right of the picture are two smaller 1.5 carat Pear shaped diamonds. These were a selection of diamonds provided for a client to view in our showroom. You will clearly see that the model varies subtly between each diamond. Some display shorter, fatter proportions, whilst others have been cut with more elongated proportions. In a recent post we have note the beauty of rounded shoulders over diamonds with squarer shoulders.

Perfect Balance

Try not to think to hard about sourcing perfect proportions on paper. There is no better alternative to seeing the diamond in the flesh or next best, seeing a photograph of the diamond.

Diamond Photographs for Clients

Photograph of a 2ct Pear Shaped Diamond for client

Photograph of a 2ct Pear Shaped Diamond for client

If you are searching for a suitable diamond and we can provide greater insight, then we are happy to take images wherever possible. By seeing the diamond, and not just the certificate, you are far more likely to source a diamond to your liking. This is not always necessary with regularly shaped diamond cuts – such as Princess Cut diamonds, but styles with wider variations of model such as Pear Shape, Marquise Cut, Baguette Cut etc. often demand closer inspection.

If you are searching for a particular diamond, get in touch. We’d be happy to find the perfect stone for you, with your ideal proportions.

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