Top Platinum Jewellery Designs


Platinum is a very rare metal and gifting someone platinum says how much you love and cherish them in your life. 

This blog post contains a handpicked set of 10+ platinum jewellery designs that have received the most love. Keep reading, the listing contains designs for both men and women.

Top Platinum Jewellery Designs

Whoppy Platinum Swarovski Zirconia Ring

If this isn’t a proposal ring, then what is? This larger than life is just the right prop to pop the question to her. She will love this ring the moment she sees it and it’ll be all over her gram!

Algol Platinum Swarovski Zirconia Ring 

Don’t wait for anyone to gift you your first platinum, get it yourself ladies. The slight different design gives it a quirky feel and makes it a remarkable daily wear accessory. This is designed for the modern working woman.

Ginny Platinum Ring

While we talk about workwear, the only fun we get to have is with our rings. Our designers took the liberty to design a flirty li’l piece for our working women who are looking to spice up their mundane office look.

Tanushree Platinum Band

Wedding band shopping? Get her a platinum wedding band. Believe it or not, the silvery-white platinum band makes quite a wedding band. You may also engrave this ring with a secret message for her.

Tanmay Platinum Band For Him

Three-tier wedding cakes are pretty common these days. How about a three-tier wedding band? The subtle and simple design of this band makes it perfect for men, especially those who don’t really wear jewellery. Go ahead and get this, we bet he will love it.

Knick Ball Platinum Chain 

How does a platinum chain sound to you? It makes such a stunning everyday wear piece, you should just go ahead and buy it. Moreover, it’s always a great idea to have a platinum chain handy for any platinum pendant gifts you might receive in the future.

Daario Platinum Band For Him 

Some men love wearing bold designs. For those who don’t change their jewellery often or wish to wear something classic, go for Daario. The ring looks like two rings worn as a stack which makes it quite interesting to wear.

Truss Platinum Swarovski Zirconia Ring 

We know how you are always on the lookout for dainty rings and Truss fits the description just fine. The cluster setting makes the ring so sparkly yet keeps the budget in check. If you are planning to get this as a gift for someone special, you can try engraving a special message for her on the ring.

Rocco Platinum Ring

If your man loves wearing jewellery, this ring will be a dream come true for him. The glossy finish when paired up with the cluster of sparkling diamonds makes this jewellery worth drooling over.

PS – Get your ring engraved for free before checkout.

Spindly Platinum Eternity Swarovski Zirconia Ring

Sometimes, all you need is an eternity ring to transform a simple ring into a stunning masterpiece. That being said, Spindly will look as stunning as ever even if you wear it just as it is.

Keyshia Platinum Ring 

Gifting flowers to your girlfriend is old news. The new thing is to give floral jewellery and Keyshia is the ideal example of the same. This monotone flower makes a great choice for a gift for birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Marge Platinum & Rose Gold Diamond Band For Her 

Adding a little spice to your platinum bands with Marge. The tinge of rose gold adds a sharp contrast while the sparkling diamonds offer the perfect finishing touch to this ring. You can also go ahead and get the matching ring for you – Artie.

Happy Shopping! 

Featured Image Credits: Idex Online

Disclaimers: Images used for reference purposes only!

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