Diamond Wedding Rings – Does Service Make a Difference?


Applying Service to Diamond Rings

One of the diamond wedding ring examples featured below, sent to the client.

Why our service is in demand

Let’s face it, customer service and quality are words used far too easily by many companies – without delivering on either. I’m not specifically referring to jewellery here. It has reached a point where we half expect poor service, in spite of assurances that customer service is held in high regard.

I recently spent 30 minutes being passed from one person to another on the phone whilst talking to a very well known telephone company, whilst listening to a ‘hold’ message telling me how much customer service was valued. Really? This is the extreme, but faced with little alternative, we are forced to tolerate bad service.

Great Service, and Quality are terms we work very hard to back-up with exactly what they mean. Read our feedback and you will see this for yourself. This is why most of our work comes from referrals. Whether you need information, guidance or just a little advice, we go the extra mile.

Jewellery can be tricky – It’s a fact

Jewellery can be a tricky product to buy. So many people start looking at jewellery to be faced with decisions on diamond colour, clarity, cut, carat weight, metal choices, metal purity, ring profiles to name but a few details relating to a purchase. This is what we spend so much time advising on.

Getting to the point

During the week, I was preparing an email to send across to a client. Unsure of which diamond wedding ring style to choose, I looked out the original ring style, matched up some possible designs and took photographs to provide some much-needed inspiration. This type of service might not be required, but it is also hard to find. It can work very well, and it can be very effective with helping in the decision making process. Furthermore it saves a long trip for many clients to visit us, when time is scarce. Especially in the run-up to the big day.

Needing inspiration? What about these four options?

The following designs were mere suggestions, but they illustrate what is possible with a little time, and care in trying to provide a genuinely good service. I’ve added a few notes below for reference. The engagement ring design would perfectly suit a plain straight wedding ring design, but the images show some nice alternative styles.

Each of the following designs were placed alongside a suitable design to show our client a few ideas for a potential diamond wedding band.

Diamond wedding ring with grain set diamonds in channel
Diamond wedding ring with channel and grain set diamonds, with wider polished edges.
Diamond wedding ring with twist styling
Diamond wedding ring with twist styling
Diamond wedding ring with wishbone shape
Wishbone shape diamond wedding ring ensures diamonds remain visible
Bowtie design diamond wedding ring
Diamond wedding ring in a grain set bow-tie design.

 Just Diamond Wedding Rings?

Our service is not limited to diamond wedding rings. This is a mere example of how we go the extra mile. Our services are not set in stone. We are small, dynamic and flex to a client’s needs. Whether this is for a loose diamond, a diamond engagement ring or a bespoke wedding ring. Irrespective of value.

Mark Johnson

About Mark Johnson

Mark attended Liverpool University and went on to pursue a career in the diamond industry. After more than a decade working in polished diamonds, Mark moved to the Isle of Wight where he launched Serendipity Diamonds. He works most days from their busy Ryde showroom, photographing jewellery and writing for the Serendipity Diamonds website.

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