10 Top Diamond Bestsellers of 2021, so far!


Half of the year is over. Can you believe it? 

Everything has been a roller coaster since the last year. We have been in a state of constant lockdown and things aren’t going the way we want.

Nevertheless, soon this phase will be over and we can revert back to the old normal.

Just like us, we’re sure you have missed parties

Top 10 Best Selling Diamond Jewellery At Candere:

Spear Miracle Plate Diamond Earrings

The Spear Miracle Plate Diamond Earrings have been our chart-toppers ever since they were launched. These are the best friends of every working woman ‘cause they make a stunning accessory for both workwear as well as casual wear. These earrings come with its own customization options that can be availed for no extra charge. If you’re here looking for a gift for her, tap away!

Immortal Love V.Day Diamond Earrings

Launched exclusively for Valentine’s Day, Immortal Love has garnered more love than we had imagined. It’s continued to win hearts throughout the year, thus making its way to our top diamond jewellery of 2021. It’s fairly lightweight and makes the ideal everyday jewellery. 

If you loved the design, feel free to check out the matching ring and pendant too!

Just Hearts Miracle Plate Diamond Ring

We’re not kidding when we say we’re all hearts for this one. The subtle heart design makes this piece ideal for everyday wear when gifted. It’s super budget-friendly and comes in three stunning gold shades – yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. You can also get this design engraved especially for gifting purposes.

Ross Diamond Ring

Hey Rachel, are you looking for a gift for your Ross? We bet he’d love this bestselling piece. Crafted in only 2.5gram gold, this ring is the super light and fancy choice for men. With an impressive 5 Star rating, be assured that you’re getting just the best for your man,  

Aaralyn Miracle Plate Diamond Ring 

Giving a jewellery gift has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it? No wonder Aaralyn has been received so much attention. This ring is fairly new as compared to the others in the list yet has grabbed too many eyeballs, thanks to its blingtastic feel. We’d recommend engraving this ring with a message before gifting it to her.

Asteroids Miracle Plate Diamond Earrings

Some of us just love to leave a little sparkle wherever we go. For those women, we recommend Asteroids. The clustered illusion setting leaves a feeling of green in the eyes of the onlooker. It goes without saying that this piece makes an amazing gift for her at a jaw-dropping price.

Radiant Halo Miracle Plate Diamond Ring

Before we talk about this beautiful piece, let’s just assure you dear – there’s nothing as too much bling. Radiant Halo is decked with diamonds of various sizes and shapes to give that larger than life glow at a pocket-friendly price. 

Waves Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Waves is our lucky pieces. The simplicity of this ring has helped it become the top choice for those who’re planning to propose their special someone. You can customize this piece with a bigger solitaire or your choice of gold purity or diamond quality on request.

If you’re looking for a fancier version of this ring, check out the Waves Diamond Stackable Engagement Ring.

Barbi Diamond Nose Ring 

Nose pins have been an integral part of our Indian ensemble for ages, no wonder we saw this exquisite piece of jewellery on this list. This diamond-studded piece is apt for daily wear and is available for customizable in White Gold as well.

Cupidstruck Diamond Ring 

Cupidstruck is the ideal piece for the glow getter – it’s dainty with just the right amount of shimmer. The blushing hue of the rose gold compliments the sparkle of the ring perfectly without making it too loud. This piece can be worn just as it is or stacked with other rings for the party look!

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