To The Man, Called Father


Every year at mother’s day, we try to make the first lady of our life feel special. Special for the role she plays in our life, special, for always being there when no one is around to console us, scold, love and care. We ought to play the doting daughter or the sweet son on every mother’s day; we have our own special ingredients of plans we cook wonderful meals or take her out or grace her with flowers or a special gift . All this is for mothers, but what about fathers?? The man always behind the scene, who is not too sentimental in the way to show his care but has always served as the pillar of strength of the family and the one you look up to when something cannot be fixed.

He accompanies you to the kindergarten, then to your elementary school, holding your hand in his palm and always ready to listen about your boring and interesting tales from school; first crush, first heartbreak, and your first kid. And above all, the best thing in their life is probably you! So, how anyone can possibly forget about Father’s Day?
So, if you are planning a special father’s day this year,  it probably might not be easier to shop for him but rather tough to judge his taste, his likes and needs but there’s a unique gift that any father would inevitably would not fall for!

The Brampton Band

The Brampton Band made out of white Gold is a perfect gift, complimented with 5 (approx) 0.28 carat Diamonds.  What makes this band special? It symbolizes the finesse and the reminder of the skills and values he imparted to his children. It’s a gift that compliments your dad for his self reliance and strength he has always been to the family. This Brampton band from Candere is a 14 Karat, white gold band weighing approx 6.5gms.

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