The Adventures Of A Valentiner!


To capture the fire in your heart on a precious rock

and then encase it in a piece of beautiful jewellery

is the perfect way to express love..!

Dear Die-Hard Romantic,

Let’s talk about love! Not the cheesy clichéd love, but the quintessential feeling of being loved, of tangible affection and fondness. You are young, full of energy & determined. You reach out to each other’s hearts and experience the warmth that comes along. There is a chill in the atmosphere, there is warmth too. Romance creates a perfect “chilly-warm” ambiance conducive to celebrating the most powerful emotion to man known – Love!

It’s not just about being with one another, and looking in the same direction; but about enjoying every moment of togetherness. We know each relationship is unique. We go to great lengths to express love and so our Valentine designs speak loudly about the intricacy and the fondness that love is. Without much ado, our designs express & convey love. Love is poetical, crazy, yet desirable. One way or the other, every human soul exchanges love with another being.

You know what, we actually wanted to steal some juicy lyrics from a poet to convey our feelings, but then we thought better. We are going to let our designs speak to you. Oh! Look at this beautiful set of Beatrice Diamond Pendant and Earrings – perfect Valentine gift for your Diva! You always pamper her don’t you? We can bet that this set won’t become yet another addition to her wardrobe, but she will adore herself in the mirror even more. You can expect expressions of love to come at the most unexpected moment/s; knowing this is one way of showing gratitude for love expressed in diamonds. What else!

In disturbing times of hatred, violence and intolerance, love is a catalyst for healing. Love is the universal healer. Love is not limited to a warm exchange between two people or families. Love is what’s needed where there is pain, suffering, agony, trauma & fear. No medicine, healing or words can heal as much as a simple thought or vibes of love & peace. And this can reach out to maximum souls at a time. Nonetheless, love requires expression in words; wait…really? Diamonds can do better at expressing love than words can, on many instances.

Tiny drops of dainty diamonds, round, oval, princess or marquise cut, diamonds are simply awesome. The perfect achievement, the perfect design in diamond – it gives a complete, a satiating feeling upon presenting it to your loved one.

Aren’t roses lovely when they are captured on gold jewellery in their original colour & contour?

A gorgeous diamond pendant can be the best gift for your lady love. Diamonds are just so versatile; they can be worn in any shape, size or fitting.

A prong fitting, channel or bezel, tension fitting on a mesmerizing gold ring, on dainty earrings, endless circles of bangles, or a smart pendant. Diamonds just blend into anything, any design, any metal – be it yellow gold, rose gold or white. No wonder, they can be attained, worn and flaunted without second thoughts on your mind. If there is anything on your mind, it has to be diamonds only.

Candere is not just about a limited shopping for Valentine’s – a mundane ‘task’; but a beautiful experience altogether. Now this is evident when you browse through our Valentine’s designs – an enjoyable experience for a couple. Okay don’t look so hassled after reading our blog on Valentine’s; now that it’s on our head.

Relax, we have certain jewellery pieces Packed & Ready for you – just click a cclicks away.

Valentines’ Did You Know

– Valentine’s Day is a celebrated widely in India, taking after the Western culture.

– Even though Valentine’s Day is popular amongst the younger generation, it is also an excuse to show your love for – well, it could be just anyone, regardless of age.

– About 150 million cards are exchanged each year, making it second most popular card exchanging festival after Christmas.

– About 35 million heart shaped chocolate boxes are shared.

– About 220 million roses are harvested and sold.

– About $ 20 billion is spent each year for Valentine’s Day celebrations.

– Even though candy, chocolates & flowers are most popular Valentine’s Day gifts, about $ 4 billion is spent on jewellery alone.

– Interestingly, about 6 million couples get engaged on 14th February each year, celebrating Valentine’s Day.

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