Slightly Shaped Wedding Rings with a Gentle Curved Edge


Slightly shaped wedding rings – a solution for a perfect fit

Slightly shaped wedding rings created with a gentle curvature to compliment the setting of an engagement ring and the engagement ring width and style.

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Throughout the course of the year, we feature in our gallery, many of the shaped wedding rings produced at Serendipity. Most of the wedding rings feature a pronounced shape. This shape typically works around the setting to ensure a flush fit against an engagement ring. It must be emphasized that the basic shape of the wedding ring will be influenced by the engagement ring setting. Some styles will not work specifically against your ring. For this reason, our gallery exists to provide greater insights into suitable styles.

Shaping your wedding ring

Most slightly shaped wedding rings, (in fact most shaped wedding rings) are made alongside the engagement ring. This ensures that a perfectly flush fit exists in the final stage. We advise on how to submit your ring, and guide clients all of the way.

An eye for detail when it comes to bespoke wedding rings

There are many considerations when creating a shaped wedding ring. The highest priority is working in any styling preferences requested by the client. Secondly, the design needs to compliment not only the shape, but also the width and depth of the engagement ring. Diamonds need to be suitably matched, always for colour and clarity and often for size (specifically with reference to engagement rings with shoulder diamonds)

How long do slightly shaped wedding rings take to produce?

The timescale required, works out to around 3-4 weeks. We regularly clean and refinish the existing engagement ring as part of our service.

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