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Here’s the start of the fairytale…Here goes a tradition…

The very popular question that a man has in his mind is how to pick up the perfect engagement ring for the princess of his dreams. We know that an engagement ring is one of the most precious things and is a close-to-heart affair for a love-relationship. We have identified that you are set on a purpose – a surprise proposal for your lady love. And, looking for the safest engagement ring for your girlfriend can prove to be challenging and taxing for you! Especially, if you have to surprise her and make sure it is a happy surprise. You sure don’t want to be at the receiving end of stares and frowns, do you? Well, this is precisely where we come in. Let us suggest some “safe” engagement rings that are sure to get you a ‘yes’ from her!

There may be several reasons you want to choose the ring yourself: One of the reasons can be like- you want to be romantic or else to be purely practical. Anyways, this is your first move and you must ensure a hint of romance for this precious moment. Let’s be honest, nobody likes to speak or discuss or care about money when they’re spending a few thousands on an engagement ring.

Here are a few styles that have stood the test of time. If you are on a rogue mission of buying an engagement ring without your girlfriend, these would be our top 5 recommendations for you.

1. The Absolute Solitaire Ring

This kind of ring makes the diamond the star of the show. It proves to be the iconic symbol of love and promise for a lifetime. Solitaire ring is just the right choice for a girl who appreciates classic style. This ring can vary in terms of extravagance and symbolize your pleasant past. It is the best and will remain so – forever.

  1. Adrianna – The Modern & Classic Ring

If a simple design is not your choice, you can think of spicing up for something different. This is the ring with a more elaborate setting having a single diamond at the center along with small diamonds on the band. The tad for this ring is a bit more modern, drawing the attention of your lady.

  1. Cornflower – The Halo Ring

This ring is featured elegantly that creates a completely new style. The crown of diamonds increases the perceived size of the main diamond making it more precise and attractive. The cover setting for the center diamond defines the attractiveness of the ring.

  1. Siddhiksha – The Stunning Ring

The fashion of three diamonds, with a lone larger diamond in the middle itself gives a compliment for your love. With a representative connotation and a trendy design, Siddhiksha remains perennial and proves to an in-vogue design for your charming lady. Let her flaunt it with pride!

  1. Tifny – The Most Suited Ring

This is the most elaborate design that symbolizes your beautiful past, charming present, and your appealing future life filled with memories and laughter. The design of this ring is infinitely adjusted to cater to any diamond shape. It also signifies the safest choice for you.

Feel assured now, don’t you?

An engagement ring is definitely the most expensive piece of jewellery you will ever buy for your girlfriend. Select the right one and make it a perfect choice before you pop the question. 

Hurry Up…Get ready to get down on your knees…. The right time is – now…

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