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Hi-designed and refined jewelry is loved by women of all ages. Why only females? Even the males of today love to flaunt some exquisite accessories that speak of their prosperous personalities. Popular in the category of jewelry are gemstones that have become some of the most liked and favored accessory items of contemporary household. Gemstone, in combination with a suitable metal- gold or silver can augment beauty gracefully. Candere brings to you some exclusive designs made of popular gemstones that fall in the ‘All time favorite’ category. So, here we go:

Antara Sapphire Ring

Sapphire is a much liked gem and is finding market for its many different colors now. We bring you this sparkling gem in combination with quality diamond to make a trendy design for all you lovely ladies out there! Antara Sapphire Ring is studded with 11 pieces of Diamond and Pink Sapphire each.

Delta Aquamarine Ring

Delta Aquamarine Ring

The Aquamarine has emerged as the most appealing of the entire gemstone lot. Its blue green color seems fascinating to many women and hence, this has moved to become a highly popular and demanded gem category in today’s time. The Delta Aquamarine Ring is studded with a solitaire aquamarine stone (1.00 carats) in the center. It looks best when combined with 14K yellow gold. However you can also choose the metal in white gold.


Gemstone Jewellery Collection at Candere is exquisite, trendy, stylish and speaks volumes about the quality we offer in our products. So, wear elegance with precious creations for you at Candere!

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