7 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Diamonds This April


So, you shouldn’t buy diamonds right? Why should you and why would you? Be happy with your imitation jewellery collection, your junk pieces and other “stuff”, yeah! Diamonds won’t add any value to your personality now, would they?

Oh really!! Sounds intriguing. Let’s catch the catch!

1. They Enhance Your Look And Raise Your Standard

2. 2500 + Extraordinary and Classy Designs


3. Diamonds Have A Good Re-sale Value


4. A Solitaire Is Superior To A Diamond!


5. Interest-Free EMI: Cost Protection


6. Most Important: Diamond Is “The Gemstone Of April!”


But! Diamonds Are For Everyone!!


We Bet You’re Still Wondering, Aren’t You!!! It’s okay.

There’s got to be a catch in this provoking comment, why should I not buy diamonds, when I love them so much! Yes, diamonds are a part of my identity! Diamonds identify who I am. Despite all these lovely designs, added shopping benefits, offers, EMI et al, it would be a loss to not own diamonds and diamond jewellery! I am buying – NOW!

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