Must Have Jewellery Collection in Every Diva’s Wardrobe


Jewellery is something that we girls carry close to our hearts. It is worn, so as to pull together an outfit and complete the look. While some of you may have a few selective pieces, others might have an extravagant jewellery box. But with the perks a girl has for purchasing and owning jewellery, also comes the responsibility to focus on these sparkly friends, that are not only trendy, but that never go out of style. So let us check out what are these timeless pieces that are a must-have in every diva’s wardrobe.

Classic Stud Earrings

These are the most simple and subtle kinds of earrings that won’t make a huge fashion statement, but will definitely finish complete the look. Diamond studs are the best bet to look classy and elegant which you can simply wear every day to glam up your outfit for any occasion. When you are not sure about what would look good with your outfit, or if you are in a hurry, then studs are something that you should go for. You can also get studs in a different metal and style, something that connects more with your personality.

Large Hoops

A more substantial yet casual are the hoop earrings that are modern and ageless. They look great on everyone from a teenager to someone who is ageing gracefully. They add on the interest to your appearance making you look both festive and feminine. Size, width, and design of the hoop are something that you must determine according to your personality and style. But simple thin metallic hoops of any size would look great with any outfit, giving you an edge over the others.

A Delicate Necklace

Every girl needs something to adorn that pretty neckline, and what can be perfect than a delicate necklace. You can choose from chains, links or pendant made of gold or silver which would look equally good with any tee as it would with a stunning cocktail dress. You can choose to have a pendant or a charm in the necklace which will be delicate as well as substantial enough to wear it alone. If you think this is too mainstream and want to add some drama, then go for a bright statement piece rather than an elegant design that you will wear every day.

Cocktail Ring

Every diva must have a cocktail ring to make a style statement and add depth to an evening look. This is one piece of jewellery that will stand out the most especially when your fingers are doing the talking. Select a ring size that you feel comfortable in, even when most people think that cocktail rings must be large in size. Remember that the striking feature here is the colour and shine rather than size that makes it the centre of attention.

Dainty Bracelet

To make those pretty hands look stylish, you always need a bracelet. It can be a simple good luck charm or a family heirloom which can add sizzle to your wrists. You can always stack up some delicate bangles or wear them just alone or go for some sleek diamond bracelet which suits more to your style.

Always remember there is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to jewellery. You can indulge in various varieties and mix and match everything and anything if you make sure not to go overboard.

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