Engagement Rings & The Paradox of Choice


The “Paradox of Choice”

Growing up and whilst still quite young, our television had only three channels. Our telephone served only one purpose, to make calls. Our local shop stocked just five types of breakfast cereal.

Limited choices made decisions easier. Whether this was for food, entertainment, or television. Today we experience quite the opposite. We flounder in a flood of choice. Visit one of your local restaurants today you’re confronted by a menu full of choice. No doubt you’ll find a ‘Specials’ board chalked with further options. Pub bars now gleam with a mile of draught taps offering varieties of beer. We’re spoiled by choice.

Is there such a thing as too much choice? I think there is. When you’re confronted by far too much choice, it’s difficult to make a decision. Some buyers struggle to narrow things down. Inner paralysis sets in. It’s hard to make that decision.

Diamonds are a tricky subject at the best of times. Diamonds are complex. Diamond colour, clarity, carat weight and cut. These factors mark the beginning of understanding a diamond’s value. Now factor in near limitless amount of engagement ring styles on offer. Correct me if I am wrong, but things can be a little bewildering. Overwhelming in fact.

Is choice a good thing?

Choice is good. Most people would agree. Anyone looking to graze their knee, looks for a good choice. Selection is the yardstick of progress. But too much choice can lead to a poor decision.

How can you arrive at a correct decision when you’re surrounded by hundreds of designs, each with many options?

What can you do about this? 5 Simple rules to remember.

There are 5 things to remember, when choosing an engagement ring. The following advice will help as you start looking for an engagement ring.

Careful thinking. Before you start looking for your engagement ring. Write down what you want before you start looking.

Set a budget. Not everyone will be spending the average cost for an engagement ring. Your budget will help keep you on track. Strike any designs exceeding your budget from the list.

Seek advice to cut through the science. Use our experience of talking to clients like yourself. We draw upon many years of feedback on engagement rings, so we have excellent insight into what works! We can simplify all of the jargon to make life easier.

Less is More When it comes to engagement rings, we sometimes use the expression “less is more.” Keep things simple, and choose a design to showcase your diamond.

Rely on Reassurances Prompt no-hassle, courteous refunds mean that our clients are not held accountable for wrong decisions. We exchange or refund for peace of mind and sleep-easy reassurance.

Now, time to start getting overwhelmed.

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