4 Simple Ways To Ensure You Stay In Vogue


Have you ever noticed how certain trends are ‘in’ one season, and ‘out’ the next? Some colors are a rave and then suddenly, they become obsolete. Fashion is as fleeting as the blink of an eye, and if you are not careful with how you dress, and what you choose to buy, chances are you will stand out in a crowd, for the wrong reasons.

In an industry where people are diving in and out of fashion shows, exhibitions, press releases or product launches, it is easy to be at par with what are the latest cuts, patterns, shapes, colors, styling, textures, and so on. Those who are not updated, learn of these trends 6 months after they have been launched. Yes! That is how long it takes for the masses to notice and adapt to the latest fads.

Check-in with the latest

Now, we all want to look great, feel great and stay in style, so the simple thing is to keep your eyes wide open to fashion related news, magazines, shows, changes on the window displays of branded stores, articles and blogs such as this one. Clothes – and even jewellery to an extent – play a pivotal role in making trend predictions for what’s next. So, for example, if apparels are trending in geometrical cuts, most likely, jewellery designs will adopt that too. Although the best thing about jewelry-design-trends is, it takes longer to fly out the fashion window.

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Fashion is season-ed

Season is a huge determinant for upcoming trends. If is it spring, you are most likely to see floral designs around you; if it’s summer, light weight jewelry will take the lead, as it gets all hot and sweaty, nobody likes to indulge into heavy wear. During winter, there is lot of experimenting with colors, higher range of jewelry, elaborate pieces etc. This goes in tandem with festivities, such as marriage season, religious festivals, new year and the like, that act as a demand for what will be the supply.

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Be versatile and flexible

We humans get bored of seeing the same thing over and over again. We crave for a change, which incites us to experiment with colors, as it is the easiest option to reinvent our look. However, colorful jewelry has more than one reason to be popular. Often it will be made prevalent by a celebrity, a movie, a TV show or an award night function; sometimes by magazines that will publicise a certain color in every edition, and occasionally it will be your choice of outfit that will compel you to buy a matching piece.

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Be yourself

The world revolves around experimentation and as such, we are in constant rush to find something new, something that will become a patent if you discover or invent it before anyone else. The ideal way to design your own forecast is to find such an idea and implement it until you have been noticed by many, who will follow, and before you realise it, your idea would have gone viral; it will be the next trendiest thing available at your nearest mall.

A sweeping word of advice here: since jewellery does not come cheap, do invest in designs that will sync with most ensembles, outfits or events, and if you are still bored, there are always our exchange and buyback policies – something that apparels cannot promise over a long time.

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