Did You Just Forget Something From Your Wedding Jewellery List?


A wedding in the family brings with it lotsa excitement, anticipation, fun, joyous moments, get to-gethers, meals & sumptuous, and what not – for the participating relatives of the “bride-to-be”. Amongst all this, the bride and her parents face challenging yet hilarious moments, juggling between the preps for the D-Day and entertaining their ‘super-happy’ relatives. The most crucial decisions are the bridal trousseau – there are confusions, anxiety, happiness yet a yearning to look forward to becoming the “bride of one’s own dreams”. Even though the bride may have received or will receive several pieces of jewellery from her loved ones, a nosepin is something she can easily miss in all that excitement she is constantly surrounded with. No worries, we are here for rescue.

Nose is the most beautiful & profound part of a woman’s facial features, adding perfection and completeness to details; and if you aren’t owning a collection of seductive nosepins for your wedding ceremonies, your look may be probably incomplete! Here are Most Important Functions of your Marriage where you could possibly overlook the importance of a nosepin or a dazzling nose ring; but here is a timely realization that your “nose” will get you more attention than your eyeliner!!

Who Says “Hearts” Can Only Adore Rings or Pendants? A Seductive Heart-Shaped Nose-Pin Will Melt His Heart On Your Engagement Day!

Michelle Diamond Nose Pin_1

Sangeet-cum-Mehendi Is Just As Much Fun With Closest Friends, Relatives & Lots Of Thumkas

Nose Pin_6

Nothing Is As Memorable & Extra-Ordinary For A Girl, As Her ‘D-Day’. A Few Hours, A Few Rituals, But A Life Long Relationship.

Nose Pin_7

Farewell Is The Moment When Emotions Speak Louder Than Words. Anticipating A New Beginning Of A New Life, Post A Tearful Yet Joyous Vidaai!

As tiny as it may ‘look‘, a nose pin or a nose ring is powerful enough to enhance the beauty of the face, giving it the desired attention. This “tiny” yet mesmerizing piece of jewellery, can actually change your entire look, at times, surprising even you! Wear it effortlessly to work, a function, a festival, a wedding, just any place and make heads turn! That makes it the “mighty-tiny“! A carefully selected nosepin design as per your face type and your attire, can give you a perfect blend of either a traditionally-modern look or an Indo-Western look. It is essentially, a part of your identity!

What’s more, there are beautiful nosepins being added everyday to our collection. So, shop Diamond Nosepins and Shop Gemstone Nosepins too!

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