Candere Best Sellers Of April – The Month Of Diamonds


Hey Folks,
Do you remember, Diamond was the birthstone of April? At Candere, it was a mad rush to grab the best deals and the most beautiful designs on Diamond Jewellery – be it Diamond Earrings, Diamond Rings, Diamond Pendants or even pricey Diamond Necklaces – either for self or for gifting! Trust us, for the first time, we felt, 30 days in a month are so insufficient! But, we are deeply grateful – to ‘April‘ for bringing with it – Diamond, and to our dearest opportunist customers!

We wouldn’t be surprised if people have already started to envy & follow our customers, who will proudly flaunt Candere Diamonds on themselves – now & forever! Yea, our customers are style trend-setters after all!
Well, let us share our success story with you; as to what Best-Sellers April got for us.

Never A Dull Moment At Candere With Heart-Capturing Diamond Rings!

Two White Gold Ring

Seems Like Engagement Ceremonies Are Incomplete Without “The Shine” Of Candere Engagement Rings

3 Earring With Models_6

Nothing Enhances The Beauty Of Delicate Lobes Like Candere’s Favourite Diamond Earrings & Diamond Studs!

Are you still wondering, why you couldn’t get your hands on these? We don’t want to disappoint you, there are better deals to grab, and even better designs to look forward to. Check out what have we added to your wedding jewellery list – something so tiny, you may have easily missed.

Psst: You can still steal the best styles of Emerald Designs – the birthstone of May! So, don’t think too much; now hurry, or May may go away sooner than you think!

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