When In Doubt, Wear Red


Recreating the magic of Diamonds and Rubies

Rightly said there, red is the colour that symbolizes life, energy and lots more that we shall discuss hereon; let’s give a detailed glance to the most precious gemstone found on earth, more precious – as in, costlier – than Diamonds!

“There is a shade of red for every woman” – Audrey Hepburn.

Ruby Tourism – Ever Heard..?

Myanmar [or Burma] held the deepest red rubies within its landscape for centuries, until it was later discovered in a few other Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Vietnam, Pakistan and other regions like Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar, Macedonia, Afghanistan and even Greenland! These countries produce good quality raw rubies, too. However, rubies found within Burma are the most sought after, owing to their outstanding clarity, hue & saturation. We won’t be surprised if Burma starts promoting “ruby-tourism”!

 “I am not blushing, I am just RED..!”

Prepare To BeJewelled

Gemstone treatment is a mandatory practice for gems that are going to be converted into sparkling jewellery that people flaunt so proudly. This ‘treatment’, is what Ruby is thankful to, for its polish & lustre, shapes & contours, sheen & shine and even durability in some cases; and since clarity is of high significance for Ruby Jewellery or any other gemstone jewellery for that matter, this treatment procedure is carried out with acute care and precision. Also, it becomes kind of mandatory – legally too – for ruby jewellery manufacturers to mention the treatment; it is crucial for a seller to reveal and a buyer to know about this process, because such rubies will require special care by those who wear it.

For those who are curious, chromium – a trace element – gives ruby its redness, which is actually a part of the stone’s crystal structure.

Roses Are Red, Blushes Are Pink

Interestingly, rubies are easily mistaken for dark pink or deep maroon gemstones like garnet, red spinel, pink sapphire, pink tourmaline which even though are precious, but not as much as rubies. This in a way makes them the next-to-price substitute for rubies… Call it benefit of doubt! And even though, the differences are visible & apparent, it is possible that an amateur could end up confused or even mislead! This is where a buyer should be vigilant and well informed. Nonetheless, if you are attracted to rubies, and would like to have a cheaper substitute with more or less similar properties, the above are your best options. Candere has these all – simply select your choice of stone from the option to customize a design that you have liked.

Pricey, But How Much?

The more you redden, the pricier you are dear ruby!

Ah well, natural rubies are bound to have inclusions – visible ‘flaws’ in simple words – don’t get scared yet. But, those that have inclusions, not really visible, will typically cost somewhere around Rs. 1,50,000 per carat! Which officially makes it costlier than diamond – in comparison. One thing is therefore loud and clear: if you intend to buy ‘real ruby jewellery’, whatever the purpose – astrological or ornamental – let go of your wallet strings… It’ll be worth!

You Be The Ruby-Judge

Whilst buying rubies or ruby jewellery, you must be watchful of the Cut, Colour and Clarity – all three have equal importance, as discussed above. While some factors may hold astrological importance, some properties may be only ornate – this aspect is person and region specific.


There could be more than one ruby benefits and once again, could be make-believe; but let’s glimpse a few of them. Ruby stimulates energy, vitality and sensuality; it also stands for love, passion & wealth. Since red is the colour of romance, people prefer gifting ruby jewellery to their partners and loved ones. Ruby jewellery is typically exchanged during the 40th anniversary of a married couple – a vintage couple at that. Ruby has also been the symbol of royalty and aristocracy since decades…be it India or foreign lands. It brings status, dignity and power – from an astrological point of view. Medically, ruby strengthens the heart, eyes, bones and blood and also benefits one’s metabolic activities apart from detoxifying the body overall. It is known to give courage, attract friendship, stimulate creativity and overcome fatigue.

Shop Your Ruby Blues Away

If your precious ruby jewellery is not accompanied by a genuine certificate, from an authorized certifying body, it ain’t worth buying. Make sure you get one with your purchase. Candere never delivers its jewellery without accompanying it with the appropriate certificate. Shop with peace of mind on Candere for Radiant Ruby Rings, Dashing Ruby Earrings, Gorgeous Ruby Necklaces & Stylish Ruby Pendants carved out of the best ruby jewellery designs; not only that, with every online purchase, you save more.

Our infographic section will intrigue you with the “Who’s Who Of Ruby” and many more fun facts!

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