The Magnificence of 2 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings


The Sancy four claw engagement ring set with a 2 carat diamond

There is something truly magical about a 2 carat diamond. The impact of a beautifully cut 2 carat diamond is unmistakable.

The brilliance, scintillation, fire and lustre of a natural diamond are released by master diamond cutters after billions of years lost within the Earth’s Mantle.

Settings for 2 carat diamonds

The magnificence of a 2 carat engagement ring is further enhanced by the setting you choose.

Your ring design should provide an immaculate setting. 950 Platinum is the precious metal of choice for 2 carat rings – naturally white, reassuringly expensive with the strength and beauty worthy of the most expensive diamond.

2 carat Pear shape with beautiful proportions selected for a client

2 carat diamond shapes

From classic round brilliant cut diamonds to slender Marquise cut diamonds – 2 carat diamonds come in all manner of shapes, colours and clarities.

Round brilliant cuts and Princess cuts outsell most other shapes by a country mile. Unusual shapes like the Cushion cut are favourable alternatives for the diamond connoisseur.

2 carat diamond engagement ring with north east south west compass setting

The Naomi 4 claw solitaire design with 2 carat diamond

Where can you view 2 carat diamonds?

Many of our clients insist on viewing by appointment – appreciating the hands-on approach to selecting their perfect diamond.

We are very fortunate to be located a stone’s throw from beautiful coastline and long stretches of sandy beach – perfect for a romantic getaway with a little ring shopping!

Tiffany style 2 carat diamond engagement ring with 6 claw setting

Beautifully styled six claw setting with timeless styling

Choosing your setting

Choose your setting wisely.

Consider designs with added security. Build quality remains very important. 6 claws give added security – embracing the diamond evenly around the girdle.

View many of our designs in the flesh and both finish and build become evident upon first inspection.

2 carat classic round diamond solitaire engagement ring

Ella design 2 carat four claw engagement ring 

For design inspiration, why not look at some of the many engagement ring styles we have online and contact us to arrange a viewing.

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