Go Green With Envy This Spring


Did you know that Emerald is the one jewel that blends perfectly with almost any bright coloured outfit or ensemble – be it a dress, a saree, a Punjabi suit or western apparel? Yet, Emerald is the colour that signifies ‘Royalty’ and perhaps, that must be the reason why ‘Peacock’ – the most majestic bird – is given honour as the national bird of India. Emerald-Green is a soothing, pleasant colour, yet it never fails to be as charming as it is vibrant; suited to most outfits, accessories, jewellery or bags. 

Which means, you can flaunt your green stone effortlessly regardless of where you are headed to – work, party, movie, shopping, date, wedding, celebrations – simply any event. All you need to do is, assemble your stuff together and put it on – and you are ready to rock the day without much ado. 

Necklace & Earrign_1

Green In Combinations With Vibrant Shades Of Red, Maroon, Orange, Blue And Pink,
Finds A Significant Place In Marriages

Even though, Green colour is very much ‘Indian’, it can blend into ‘Western’ with equal ease – giving a perfect sync of Internationally-Indian styles; or in other words, Traditionally-Modern designs of jewellery. Green and bright red is what we associate Christmas with. Royal Green brings to our mind, visuals of Mughal architecture, styles and designs. ‘Soothing’ green is what we yearn for, when the mind is too cluttered, saturated and stressed. Also, it is the tea – originally green in colour – that we look up to, to re-vitalize our mental energies and get back into focus. Green is what indicates us to go ahead in our journey…It seems, we just cannot live without some “green”ery in our life! Because green adds value and meaning not just to style, fashion and luxury, but also to health – of humans and of mother nature.


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Perhaps, other gemstones would be ‘green’ with envy, because it is Emerald that steals hearts away, better than words..! Don’t you think?

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