10 Top Tips for Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring


The following points are 10 top tips for helping you purchase a diamond engagement ring. Important details to keep in mind on your journey towards the perfect ring.

1. Trust

Trust. This is fundamental when purchasing, or even when thinking about purchasing a diamond engagement ring.

The person you entrust this work to, when you are at the point of placing an order is very important. Seek out testimonials and feedback from past clients.

Did they have a good experience? Is feedback generally good?

Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter offer a good insight into how companies behave – with clients engaging companies on their “walls,” with either good feedback or bad.

We often get comments and questions raised on our Facebook page, and are always keen to respond as we would be phone or email, but with Facebook these interactions receive the attention of a wider audience.

2. Budget, payment and finance for engagement rings

Your budget and payment are very important details when you purchase an engagement ring.

Decide how you intend to pay for your ring. Does the retailer offer finance? How much will this finance cost? There is little point purchasing with 4 years interest free credit if you are paying 100% more for the privilege.

How easy purchase online will be depends on the website. We recently scrapped accounts allowing a purchase to be made easily and speedily with the minimum fuss.

3. Insurance

Engagement ring insurance  is always a very wise move. It is always a good idea to arrange a simple insurance policy with a reputable jewellery insurance specialist such as T H March.

For peace of mind, in case the ring is lost or stolen, or damaged, for a small premium each year, the ring will be covered should anything happen. We tend to recommend a company such as T.H.March for any such policy. (our reference to quote is AB184T)

4. Diamond quality

Spend a little time reading our education section for diamonds and jewellery. A little insight and knowledge into diamonds will help you make better choices and learn more about the expensive item you are purchasing.

5. Timescale

Leave plenty of time for your engagement ring commission. A beautiful ring takes time, care and attention to build. Most of our diamond engagement rings take around 3 to 4 weeks to produce.

6. Finger size

Finger size is tricky to get right. For this reason we provide a free ring size adjustment taking the pressure off knowing the perfect size.

7. Precious metal

If you want a white metal, that retains its colour, is very hard wearing, and can be restored wonderfully to its former glory after it is worn, then opt for Platinum, but this does come with a price tag. 18ct White Gold can be re-Rhodium plated, but due to the metal being 75% pure gold (750 denoted on the hallmark) the metal will be fractionally tinted as a result of the gold content and will require the final finish of Rhodium plating. See our precious metals page for more details.

8. Choice of ring setting

Settings that offer more security with 6 claws or even full bezel settings surrounding the diamond offer that extra level of security.

The outer girdle is also protected by the setting, reducing the risk of chipping the diamond during wear. Having said this, with care, even minimal settings which remain extremely popular, are well worth consideration, and with adequate insurance and care during wear, the ring should last and last, and most importantly jewellery should be worn and enjoyed.

The reassurance of a company that will provide a great deal of responsive after sales care, is important, as maintenance may be required, and who better to take care of this than the original creators of the ring, to whom you are already an existing and cherished client. We now offer a lifetime warranty for our jewellery for all clients.

9. Choosing the best ring

Taking into consideration styles already worn, and tastes is something that usually careful attention is paid to. Our clients often take note when window shopping, listening carefully to the styles that a partner will point to and make comment on.

Existing styles of jewellery are also a good indicator, along with personal preferences. Does she wear more traditional designs, or are her tastes more contemporary. The practicality of engagement rings is also a consideration, since unlike many other items of jewellery, worn occasionally, the engagement ring is worn on a daily basis, and a design that will withstand passing fashions and which will withstand wear (see diamond security above) will be a good idea.

10. Thinking ahead to the wedding ring – friendly settings

Some styles of engagement ring allow a plain straight wedding ring to sit alongside the engagement ring. A more elaborate design might require a specially shaped ring to be created, requiring the original engagement ring to be submitted as the “template” for the new ring.

Some unusual styles, already have pre-designed shaped wedding rings, making life a little easier without the need to submit the ring back to the jeweller for a custom made band.

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