Some “Pearls” Of Wisdom From Candere..!


pearls lie at the bottom of the seashore and if you want some, you have to dive!

As the sultry summers are moving toward their logical conclusion, giving way to some rain clad heavy clouds, we are thankful to June, for it brings to us, some pearly shine and how! One must feel like fun to dive into massive oceans and touch the sea-bed for that’s where you get a congregation of the beautiful seven of the rainbow – reflecting off the surface of a precious, proud round pearl! Pearls – the most pristine, pious & cooling gemstone of all, allures us with its radiance and charm. No wonder we see white all around us, during monsoons….the seven mesmerising colours of the rainbow reflecting off the flawless, shiny surface of the perfectly shaped pearl..!

pearl is the queen of gems, and the gem of queens.

Lucky are those born in June, and we envy them, for they are the ones that will take away the most pious and precious gem of all. Deep under the darkest oceans, unruffled on the surface of the sea-floor, a brilliant pearl is born, from the womb of a magnificent oyster, also called the mollusc! No wonder it is considered to be the gem of the queens, since Queens have adored pearls since time unknown; not only that, it is that one gem, that can be called as the “Queen” of all gems, courtesy its birth process…which kinda distinguishes it from other gems…

Its lustre, flawlessness, precisely round shape, reflective surface and the colour white – the colour of purity – makes it stand out and look very enticing. That’s the reason, why it is personified with ‘feminine‘ qualities – delicateness, drama and prettiness, thanks perhaps to the drama around its birth process.

Candere is happy to give away some “pearls of wisdom” about the June birthstone that marks not just the month, but also the 3rd and the 30th anniversaries – for those who believe in numerology.

Like diamonds, pearls also come in shapes, sizes and ‘carats‘! They have different settings too, most common one being the cap setting, be it a ring, earring, or pendant. Usually, the string method is used for “necklace” – strand – of pearls, for which, the pearl goes through ‘piercing‘.


It is a well known fact that pearls are made when a foreign particle enters the shell of the oyster sitting at the bottom of the sea; releasing a substance called nacre – a combination of various minerals, organic substances and crystalline. Thanks to this substance, the oyster remains protected. But, here is the catch – this ‘substance’ takes ages to become a ‘pearl’…now you know why it is so expensive. Even though nature has literally given ‘birth’ to it, it has to wait patiently for the whole process to be completed, it yields only one pearl at a time!


The process remains the same – irritant entering the oyster’s shell, secretion and forming of nacre, leading to birth of pearls in years. The only difference – interference by man, in the sense that, the ‘particle’ is purposefully inserted into the shell. So it gives a faster yield. Here, the oyster sits in sea water or cultured environment, created by humans, specially for the purpose. They use x-rays to determine the nucleus of the pearl.

hail to thee oh MOLLUSC, for giving us a rare, enticing, royal yet humble gem!

When something is so precious, rare and dear, it deserves to be cared for, meticulously!

  1. Handling: First and foremost, pearls are soft, so keep them away from other jewelries & ornaments, to avoid scratching or abrasions. Store them separately, wrapped  in soft cloth or cotton for longevity.
  2. Clean & Care: Any cleaning agents containing ammonia should be strictly avoided – baking soda, bleach or detergents. Simply use a soft, clean muslin cloth and dip in cold water and wipe it gently; place it back into its designated box / boxes.
  3. Storage: As far as possible, avoid storing real pearls into plastic bags – it won’t be protective, instead, it could harm the shine and sheen of the pearl.

gift this gem to your gem! 

Here Are 5 Reasons Why We Love The June Birthstone:

Lustre: It is what distinguishes it from other precious gems, owing to the reflective surface, a single piece of pearl shines brighter than any other white, glossy finish or smooth surface.

Shape: Perhaps this is the only gem that comes in an eternally round or endlessly round shape, that makes it even more enticing.

Colour: Pearls are commonly available in white, cream, pink, peach, golden, green, lavender, black , grey, blue colours, even though the most common one for jewellery is white, cream and golden.

Royal, sophisticated look: Oh yeah. One single pearl is enough to stand out and give you the charm that a set of jewellery would.

Adaptability: Royal as it may look, pearls have the unique quality of complementing anything and everything else that you wear: formals, casuals, festive or wedding outfits.

Health benefits of pearls: 

Pearls are known to have a cooling and calming effect on those with bad temper or an overactive mind. It helps the wearer to remain composed under adverse circumstances and maintain clarity of thoughts.

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