What is a US Ring Size 6 in a UK Size?


US ring size 6 most accurately converts to a UK size L + 1/4 (L and a quarter size) which is very slightly larger than finger size L.

This can be seen clearly by looking at our ring sizer photograph within our resource section of the website.

The significance of US size 6

Within the UK, the most popular finger size tends to be size L, which is close to the US size 6. Buyers looking at this finger size are more likely to find a pre-made engagement ring. Buying a pre-made ring however is not always the best way to proceed unless the ring is precisely what you want. Most of our engagement rings are built to the clients exact specifications, an ideal way to ensure you have commissioned the perfect ring.

What rings suit a finger size 6?

Most engagement rings suit a finger size 6 perfectly. Since this size is on the smaller side of average, most ring designs will be well suited to this finger size.

Order a free ring sizer

If you are in any doubt and require a free ring sizer with a full list of UK sizes, then please use the form which appears on any of our engagement rings pages throughout the website.

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