Marquise Diamond Halo Engagement Rings


The Marquise diamond halo engagement ring, available in a range of options. 

Marquise diamond rings with a halo setting

Marquise diamonds capture the desirable scintillation of the modern brilliant cut – with added benefits – slender yet shapely proportions.

In its simplest form, the Marquise solitaire design is an elegant choice. But follow the distinctive outline with diamonds and the Marquise halo engagement ring takes on an entirely unique form.

World famous halo engagement rings

The halo engagement ring has become iconic with the Soleste engagement ring introduced by Tiffany & Co. With no Marquise Soleste engagement ring available, our Marquise diamond halo engagement ring has become popular choice. The slender shape of the Marquise diamond elongates the finger and the halo of diamonds gives breadth to the setting for maximum show.

A diamond cut with history

The name of the Marquise cut originates from the legend of the Sun King Louis XIV of France who supposedly desired a diamond cut to the shape of the mouth of the Marquise de Pompadour. 

What buyers should look for

When searching for Marquise diamond halo engagement rings, buyers should look for a wedding ring friendly design. In our example above, the setting is lifted to allow a straight diamond set, or plain wedding ring to sit neatly alongside.

Ensure your central diamond is reputably certified. We typically include GIA certification to support the stated colour and clarity grade chosen in the menu section. The additional 0.50cts of diamonds are noted on the accompanying valuation but tend to be far too small to be individually certified by a laboratory.

Many rings in this style present the setting without the centre diamond. With our own example, we ensure that options chosen reflect the final cost of the ring. For overseas buyers we consider tax and duty at checkout.

Please contact us for further information and guidance.

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