16 Fashionable Diamond Engagement Rings you should know about!


The most exciting purchase of your life comes when you are shopping the engagement ring sets for her. Picking up a pure diamond ring for your better half isn’t a simple task. Choosing the original diamond ring having the right design, color, shape, and stone need guidance as the beautiful diamond jewelry is going to stay on her finger forever.

For some, there would have always been a dream design on the mind, so it might be an easy task to make a decision. For others, the idea of choosing a diamond ring with the proper stone and design might be a challenging task.

We take pride in contributing to the precious moment of two people joining hands to begin a new life. To make your purchasing decisions easier, we have picked upon 16 most fashionable and trendy designs that would strengthen your bond of love.

16 Diamond Engagement Rings for Her!

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

Let your fiancé-to-be know how much you love her on seeing this heart-shaped Solitaire Diamond Ring. The single diamond held by the four-prong setting truly showcases the symbol of love. The cute diamond stone sits on the three plain bands of which one is in the shade of rose gold. The classic cut on the gemstone makes it look elegant and can be cherished by the bride for her lifetime. The solitaire ring has always been the choice of design for the engagement rings as they look classic. It well pairs with ethnic wear or a bridal gown.

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement RingsThis most attractive design is trending in the recent period and picked upon by most of the celebrities. These cushion cut engagement rings have a single stone at the center surrounded by small diamonds with curved corners. The small diamond stones continue on the two shoulder bands to enrich the overall look. The cushion cut design makes the center diamond look twice as big as it is. The sparkle of the small diamonds focuses on the center diamond to make it brighter. For those who wish for that extra glow from the ring can opt for this halo diamond band.

3 Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

3 Stone Diamond Engagement RingsMore than style and design, this 3 stone diamond rings has something more to tell you. The three stones next to each other represent the past, present, and future of the wearer. It also signifies trust, commitment, and respect. You can always choose to pick this design for your special one to make them understand that you will be trustworthy in your relationship. Each of the three stones is beautifully held by pongs holdings them close to each other. Also, the band is elegantly fixed with three small diamonds side by side. 

Teardrop Diamond Engagement Rings

Teardrop Diamond Engagement RingsA simple yet elegant design for your better half. The teardrop diamond rings are a combination of a round and a marquise shape along with a tapered point on one end. The tip of the gemstone should point towards the wearer’s finger in order to make it appear longer and slimmer. The thin band holds the pear cut diamond at its curved centre with two prongs. The band is designed beautifully with small diamonds on its shoulders. This uniquely designed pear cut ring is definitely going to be a special as well as a precious gift for your special one. The graceful cuts on the gemstone make the design feminine and graceful.

Multi-Stone Engagement Rings


All in one design is acquired when you opt for this multi-stone Richitha Diamond Engagement ring. A solitaire sparkling in the centre packed closed by a set of two solitaire stones on either side makes this multi-stone ring a stunning choice. Not only is this ring light-weighted, it can also be worn daily because of it’s convenient sizing.

Single Diamond Engagement Rings

 Single Diamond Engagement RingsWhat is it that makes a Diamond Jewellery so beautiful and distinctive? It is the cut that determines the beauty of this gemstone. Opting for the Radiant cut diamond ring for your dear one is definitely a wise pick for her to appreciate your choice of shopping. The single chic square is held on the knife edge band and enthusiastically peep on top to highlight they are engagement ring styles. These gemstones have so many facets and sparkle a lot showcasing a lively look always.  The radiant cut stones pair well with most ring designs however their combination with a plain band highlights their unique shape.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Every one of us keeps running behind the changing trend to catch up with it. In such case, this soft and mild shaded rose gold ring would serve a perfect choice for your love to give that extra touch of romance to the gift. The round shaped diamond with multiple facets is held high beautifully by six prongs to enhance its design. There are also two small and cute diamonds on either side that highlights the large size of the centre stone. This most feminine colour of ring bands goes well with the three sparkling diamonds. 

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Go for the evergreen choice and shower your love in a classic style. The combination of Yellow Gold and Diamond is timeless.  It is historically the most preferred metal when it comes to wedding and engagement rings. The diamond, when accompanied with a touch of gold, adds extra sparkle to the gemstone. Whether it is a grand or simply get together, this ring matches with the most outfit to give an elegant and appealing look in a crowd. It also looks good on anyone and matches almost any dress. It is a lovely choice for modern as well as vintage-inspired styles. The heart-shaped engagement ring embellished with a cute little heart stone is going to be a piece of love for your to-be-fiancé. 

Princess DIamond Engagement Rings

 Princess DIamond Engagement Rings

Your engagement bands are the most memorable pieces of jewelry that are going to stay with you forever. So, take up this unique piece of jewelry and surprise your lovable girl. This intricate design would explain her about the deepness of your love. This four chic princess cut wedding set is held in a square shaped metal and raised high enhancing the overall beauty of the jewelry. The 28 small diamonds are affixed beautifully on the shoulders of the ring band on either side. The touch of yellow gold along with the diamonds displays an extra sheen and adds to the beauty of the ring.

Unique Engagement Rings

Unique Engagement Rings

Unity is strength in all relationships. The ring is designed based on the theme of occurrence or development of events in a happy way. The two stones placed together depict the unity of the couple in all ups and downs of life. These unique wedding rings stand out from other normal designs with the heart shaped prong holding the round stones next to each other. The metal protruding on the shoulders not only give an elegant look but beautifully encloses the 8 small diamonds on either side of the band shoulders. With the latest trend, these kinds of elegant engagement rings would serve the best gift for your wife-to-be.

Tiara Engagement Rings

 Tiara Engagement Rings



Get her this gorgeous tiara themed diamond ring and let her realize the love you have for her.  With these kinds of bridal rings, she will understand how much you respect her. The combination of yellow and white gold metal makes this piece a unique collection. The small diamond detail paved along the band forms the base of the crown.  The four-prong setting holds every diamond stone and adds beauty to the overall design. It goes well with modern as well as the traditional outfit. Let your queen appreciate the creative idea of yours.

Floral Diamond Engagement Rings


Will there be anyone who would say no to flowers? Women love flowers, so why don’t you go with this floral ring with a sparkling 0.40 carat at the heart . This gracefully designed piece of jewelry features small rose gold flowers placed on either side of the centre solitaire to enhance the look of the ring even further. Start your life with this beautiful flower to stay on her finger forever. The ring is quite a fancy piece and is suitable for festive wear.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire Engagement RingsIf you are crazy about colours, you can pick this piece of jewelry for your beloved one. These sapphire rings are known as the stones of wisdom and loyalty. Through this coloured gemstone, you can assure her how loyal you would be to her. This beautiful sapphire gemstone with multiple facets glows brightly from all its sides. The 12 small colourless diamonds encircling the centre sapphire stone gives an extra sparkling effect. The small diamonds continue to pave on the shoulders of the ring band on either side. Whether you choose a colour that is your favourite or related to your birthstone, these gemstone rings are going to be special forever. 

Heart Shaped Engagement Rings

Heart Shaped Engagement RingsWeddings unite two hearts and give a start for everlasting love. Two kissing hearts is a representation of love and the strong bond that you are going to maintain with your beloved one. The minutely designed Duet Diamond ring has a touch of rose gold in the middle. The combination of rose gold and white gold teams well and gives a trendy look. The small diamonds affixed on either side of the shoulders meet at a point to hold both the hearts intact. You can match it with either a trendy or ethnic outfit. 

Contemporary Diamond Engagement Rings


 Move a little away from picking rings that have usual designs. Here is a specially handcrafted Love Triangle Diamond Engagement Ring with a triangle shaped diamond. This is a very unusual design. It will always be a sweet reminder to her that she is unique, so should her jewellery be! If she is a jewellery lover, she will love this contemporary design and would love to wear it daily. You may customise it in her preferred gold colour i.e. Yellow or Gold.

Round Cut Engagement Rings

Round Cut Engagement RingsWhat generally flashes one’s mind when talking about engagement rings is the plain band holding a single circular stone in the centre. If you are hunting for that classic piece, here is one with an adorable gemstone sparkling from all sides. This piece of beautiful jewelry is the perfect pick for those who love simplicity. Gift your girl this simple yet elegant ring and let it convey your thought of how straightforward and uncomplicated you want your life to be. This evergreen piece has the three-prong setting holding the gemstone-like how the petals protect the flower before it blossoms.


A woman will never dislike or refuse diamond jewelry. A ring paved with diamond stones is undoubtedly an esteemed gift for her.  Picking a ring and putting it on her finger can be the most romantic presentations ever.  It is indispensable that you give a personal touch to the most significant moments of life. Not to wait anymore to buy that memorable piece of jewelry for your beloved one. Remember, life is all about having surprises. Begin your new life by surprising her with this precious gift for her to realize your immense love every time she looks at it.

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