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Cocktails are meant to have moments that you can’t remember with friends whom you cant forget.

Cocktails – doesn’t that sound funny already? For those who are unfamiliar – no cocktails aren’t the behinds of the alarm-bird; but is rather an alcoholic “mixed” drink, usually had with friends at parties or at bars. And like many other drinks, cocktail drinks do allegedly have some really funny, weird names…don’t they?

Well, the next time someone drags you to the counter and ‘offers’ to prepare a cocktail for you, don’t get caught innocent, just make sure you mention your favourite brand [to avoid sounding like Ugly Betty]. Cocktails are meant for fun, frolic, some juicy gossip, lotsa chatter and a good amount of dancing – no you need not be careful with your steps, no one’s gonna judge you. But hey, you might be judged by the bling you are wearing; so don’t bite those nails, we got your back with our favourite top ten cocktail rings to stop the show, drum your fingers in the air and say, “Voila! It’s me”… Let’s find out what the whole cocktail legend is all about.

Well, back in the early 19th century, parties et al were banned but socialites would still indulge with some illegal drinking, binging, fun and frolic – gather for social networking. Perhaps that’s where the whole idea of socializing in a glamourous way emerged and women begin to enjoy uninterrupted freedom, in their own way. We all love bans don’t we; its more fun to break rules than to be a rule-stickler. Women explored this new-found self-declared liberty, and glamourizing, decking up, dressing up, expressing their freedom in shorts and skirts became a way of life. Alongwith this social revolution, and the idea of glamour-jewellery, came revolutionary changes in cocktail rings too; it all began with large rings, encrusted with big diamonds, rubies, emeralds & sapphires, set in platinum or gold, surrounded by pave set diamonds. These could take shape-spiritation from anything the designer would see in their surroundings or even abstract, geometrical shapes. The idea was to add lots of bling to the finger just to make it look gaudy and attract eyeballs.

Some diamond cocktail rings came to be referred by certain names, that could make identification easier – something that resembled multiple small clusters of diamonds of less than 10ct each, were known as “Galaxy Cocktail Rings”. This could also have a design that was meant to be raised at the center, in a spiral arrangement of star diamonds and enveloped by a circumference of smaller diamonds. It was meant for single finger wear, but to give a slight elevation or a raise for added effect.

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From platinum and yellow gold, it progressed to white gold and in the last few years, to rose pink gold also. These two metal colours have been extensively used and are more sought-after for jewellery, be it fashion cocktail rings, engagement rings or diamond bands. Sometimes, you would just want to increase the surface area of your cocktail ring design; as such, the “Finger Armour Ring” is supposed to shield your delicate, carefully manicured fingers and still, get you the attention you deserve. Not to forget the envy it may cause to others, for being so gorgeous!

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Some cocktail gossips are so juicy, they tend to create whirlpools in your glass too! Well, who wouldn’t want to lend their ears to some spicy gossips; be it about a celebrity star, your poky neighbour, annoying colleague, or even cheating spouses? Anything that’s crap is interesting, isn’t it! Why, even the diamonds have decided to create some stir on your fingers, while you listen aptly to all the chatter, so you can very smoothly turn the attention toward your bling and give the ordinary something to envy! Afterall, if your bling can’t create some “whirlpool” in the minds of people…

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Did you know that it takes hardwork, dedication and skilled craftsmanship to create something antique and one-of-its-piece? You should be proud to own some antique pieces in your possession, even if it is a setof “Antique Diamond Rings”. Something that looks like a crown or even a flower that has merrily blossomed in full on your hand, it will never fail to create some stir and gasps in the party room, as it may shine right into people’s eyes! The whole idea is to keep it elaborate, exaggerated [just like your gossips], give it an inspiration, a unique shape to behold. Now, don’t blame us if you get burnt under the glare of eyes and attention at your next rave party; just let them know, your piece has been customized to suit your personality.

You can never be satisfied with just one or two cocktail diamond rings, you will need a personal collection, cause you know, the drinks will flow endlessly…

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