Engagement Rings with a Blue Stone – Sapphire, Topaz, Aquamarine


Choosing Engagement Rings with a Blue Stone

When it comes to engagement rings with a blue stone, there are many choices for engagement rings. Blue stones vary considerably in colour range, depth of colour and hardness. Choosing a suitable ‘blue’ gemstone can be tricker than you might first expect.

Top tip for showing off a coloured gemstone

One of our best tips for blue stone engagement rings is to choose a design which includes small diamonds. White shoulder or accent diamonds will show the contrast of your blue stone. Halo rings are incredibly popular for this reason featuring a central stone encircled by outer diamonds.

Choices of Blue Stones for Engagement Rings

There are several good choices for blue gemstones. Here are some of the more popular choices.

How to Create a Sapphire and Topaz Ring

If you are looking for Sapphire and Topaz engagement rings, our suggestion would be combining White Topaz with blue Sapphires to achieve contrast between both gemstones.

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Rings

Blue Sapphires remain the most popular choice for engagement rings with a blue stone. Natural fancy blue diamonds are too expensive for most budgets. Blue sapphires are reasonably priced – giving durability at the higher end of the hardness scale (9 on Moh’s Scale).


Blue Topaz Engagement Rings

Blue Topaz is mined in Brazil, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Africa and China. Available in many different colours, Blue Topaz is a very popular choice. Typically this gemstone has a lighter and more intense colour than Blue Sapphire. The name may have come from the ancient Isle of “Topazios” in the Red Sea. Or from the Sanskrit name meaning “fire”. [1] The hardness of Topaz, (8 on Moh’s Scale) makes this stone poor in its chip and crack resistance.Blue topaz, one of the popular blue gemstones for engagement rings


Aquamarine & Diamond Engagement Rings

Aquamarine is the blue variety of the gem species Beryl. The name translates as “sea-water” and has a long standing association and symbolism with the ocean. This gemstone also stands for youthfulness, hope, good health, fidelity and lasting love – all perfect associations for an engagement ring or wedding ring. Aquamarines are less durable which means they are more prone to damage, but remain popular for engagement rings and for couples seeking a lighter, more icy shade of blue.Aquamarine and diamond engagement ring

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