Most of us are at our wits end when it comes to gifting our mothers. What on earth do you gift a person who gave you everything? Whatever you think of seems less in comparison to what you want to give. The secret is in keeping it personal. Anyone can get anything off the rack, but for someone as special as her, the gift needs to be equally memorable.

1. For the Chef mother!

Make her a sumptuous four-course meal, complete with a starter, an entrée, dessert, drink! And what would make it special, is if you made it yourself right from scratch. What can be better than letting her know that she has trained you well and that now she can take rest and enjoy that same benefit you did as a child. But then, why do it only for a day?

2. For the Emotional Mother!

Take a quick thought about the number of things that she holds precious. Souvenirs from a trip, an old picture of herself or family, her favourite dress, a blanket she cannot sleep without, her set choice of colors. Redesign her room and fill it with all of these. Repaint her walls, add frames, refurbish the furniture and upholstery, use some potted plants, add in a fresh new mirror; she will love you for it!

3. For the Social Mother!

Marriage and children often distance you from people, and after a while, what remains is a memory of those you once loved being with; your best friends. Surprise her by inviting over all her favourite people. Recreate all those old memories that she missed so much for every single day of her life. Nothing makes a girl happier than to go back to being herself.

4. For the Working Mother!

She juggles her life to find time with her family as well as her work. She is not just a mother, but also a self-accomplished woman. Let her know that! Throw a surprise party in honour of her professional achievements. Get her those dresses, shoes, bag, makeup, accessories; all that she would have loved to wear to work, but sacrificed because you picked up something for yourself instead. Pamper her, because she deserves to be more.

5. For the Single mother!

Tell her how much you love and appreciate her for giving you the love of both parents. Take her out on an all-expenses paid trip! Save for her, like she saves for you. Give her those moments of happiness and travel that she missed. Let her know you are there for her now and a world of options have just opened up.

6. For the Bling Mother!

Do women love jewellery?? That is an absurd question. Of course, they do, and mothers are no exception; but what exactly to get her? One tiny earring, one ring, one pendant, seems a bit less, and one may exceed the budget. So why not something that can transform into something more than one! Changeable earrings, pendants, nose pins, stackable rings, that can be worn in multiple ways. That’s like gifting three different things at the price of one. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

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