The dawn of the golden flower


There is a saying – “beauty is but skin deep” – meaning, there is more to beauty than meets the eye. Such is the quality of the “Chrysanthemum”. It is not just a flower, it is an inspiration, from the farmers of China who grew them, to the decorators who prefer to enhance their decors with it, or the artists who create paintings, to designers who print and weave them on textile. The Chrysanthemum was christened “The Gold Flower”, and so it finally meets its purpose here in the Fleur Edition.

Like its varied number of known and unknown varieties, here too, we play with its myriad colors and textures, from matt to high polished petals, to sparkling reflections of tiny diamonds; the Fleur Collection speaks to an onlooker as much as the flower itself. Testifying its shades in pink, yellow and white gold, the Chrysanthemum is the muse to the designer as are women to artists.

From the tiny flowers at your office desk, to the single flower head on your coffee table, the dainty earrings sway to make room for themselves amidst the crowd of real flowers who look upon with envy.

The pieces in this collection are versatile, such that you can wear them to work or to the much awaited date; to that special interview or the party after a long tiring day; but you needn’t worry, for these little beauties have your back, they will shine you through on any given occasion.

The cocktail rings of the Fleur Edition are styled to give you the feeling of the bloom right on your fingers. Even though the ornate rings adore the fingers of the elite – casually, many women would not shy away from making them a part of their daily lives or even add them to their bridal trousseau. The styling of some of the rings highlights the three layers of the petals distinctly; whereas some stud earrings are detachable, that can be worn in more than one ways.

Also, to keep the pricing affordable, semi-precious gems have been used; even though it can be replaced by precious ones as per requirement or budget. This collection has intentionally been given an avant garde appeal to set you apart from the crowd and give that “extra” to an ordinary look”.


The neck pieces have been styled to adore every woman’s dainty neck; using very thin, subtle chains to augment the splendour of the piece and yet retaining its exclusivity. This maintains the balance between being an elaborate piece & yet remains light. The styling encapsulates the magnificence of the flower, and makes it wearable at the slightest opportunity.

Sometimes, indulging is not really sinful, it can bear fruitful outcomes; find your guilt of the day in our Floral Edition and pamper yourself with some exquisite floral design jewellery in the form of dainty floral bracelets, elegant floral rings, stunning floral earrings, fascinating floral necklaces and smart floral studs.

…Because a woman’s jewellery should be as versatile as her!

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